Tibetan Medicine at Forefront in Treatment of Potentially Life Threatening Peripheral Arterial Disease EconNugenics Announces Published Meta-Analysis Attesting to its Efficacy

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Exciting news in natural health. Padma Basic, a Tibetan formula is an effective and safe formulation for dealing with the potentially life-threatening condition called peripheral arterial disease. A meta-analysis published in November editon of Atheroscleros determined its efficacy and safety. Log onto http://www.econugenics.com for more information.

EcoNugenics, an integrative health and dietary supplement company announced today that Padma Basic®, a botanical Tibetan formula is as effective as FDA approved medication for the treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). A published meta-analysis in the November issue of the official journal of the European Atherosclerosis Society, Atherosclerosis attests to its efficacy and safety.

The scientist reviewers at the Department of Internal Medicine, Complementary Medicine at University Hospital in Zurich, concluded. "A total of nineteen trials have reported on 2084 patients to date, 444 of which were in six controlled clinical studies on PAD. The safety profile appears to be favorable and available evidence shows that Padma Basic® (European trade name Padma 28) provides significant relief from PAD related symptoms (i.e. walking distance) of a similar order of magnitude as other employed medications."

"This is excellent news for PAD patients," said Isaac Eliaz, MD and founder of EcoNugenics. "This meta-analysis provides the evidence that Padma Basic has met the quality and performance required by Western Medicine. A safe and effective treatment for PAD will dramatically improve the lives of the millions of PAD patients."

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a serious circulatory condition involving blood vessels in areas outside of the heart, most often in the legs. Current FDA approved drugs have shown some limited benefit in treating PAD, but often the side effects of these drugs make such treatment undesirable. The condition involves the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries, preventing sufficient blood flow to the affected area. PAD increases the risk of heart attack and/or stroke.

According to research published by the Sage Group, there is an overwhelming lack of awareness of PAD, which afflicts 14-18 million Americans, compared to coronary artery disease and diabetes afflicting 12.7 and 17 million respectively.

Padma Basic® has been used in Europe since the 1960s for the symptomatic treatment of circulatory disorders, including those of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It has over 30 years of published research and has demonstrated a consistent ability to 1) support and improve healthy circulation; 2) regulate the inflammatory response; and 3) support immune system. It is a highly researched herbal supplement consisting of 19 dried and milled herbs, botanicals and spices, together with natural camphor and calcium sulfate. Padma Basic® is derived from a centuries old natural traditional Tibetan herbal formula. This supplement is available online from EcoNugenics (http://www.econugenics.com) or by calling 1-800-308-5518.


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