Fox News LIVE Teams up with Body Language Expert Janine Driver for Riveting Holiday Segment on Cheating

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Popular Media Guest Body Language Expert Janine Driver Reveals On Fox News Live How To Tell If Your Partner Is Celebrating With Someone Else This Season.

If you are ready to confront your mate, don't just emotionally attack, if you want to find the truth, you will get more information if you use the following 'Lyin' Tamer Truth-Telling Formula.'

After some holiday shopping, you find a small bag from Victoria's Secret hidden in the garage, behind your partner's tool box. You cannot resist taking a quick peak. Inside the pretty pink paper bag, wrapped in pink tissue is a gorgeous, sexy red teddy… that is not even close to your size. What do you do? Well, before you jump the gun and confront your partner, Fox News LIVE's recent guest Body Language and Detecting Deception Expert Janine Driver, aka the "Lyin' Tamer", has some __deception tips__ to look and listen for that may indicate that your mate is holding something back.

From working late hours, to dating websites on the internet that actually cater to married people who want to have a little sex on the side in a discrete affair, the avenues for cheating are everywhere we turn. According to Body Language Expert Driver, "If you are ready to confront your mate, don't just emotionally attack, if you want to find the truth, you will get more information if you use the following 'Lyin' Tamer Truth-Telling Formula.'"

1.     Is there any reason why… (i.e. Is there any reason why I might find something in the garage that would potentially hurt my feelings?)

2.     Really?

3.     Say nothing for 4-8 seconds and tilt your head - W.A.I.T. (Say to yourself, Why Am I Talking? And that's about 4 seconds.)

4.     Calmly and compassionately say your partner's name and the following statement; Is there something you want to get off your chest?" (Although you may want to rip his or her head off, it's important to remain calm and collected if you want to find the truth.)

According to Driver when you confront your partner, if he or she does any of the following, they may be kissing someone other than you under the mistletoe:

  •     Change in eye blinks
  •     Slight shoulder shrug, while denying the affair
  •     Fast facial expressions, micro-expressions, leakage
  •     Discrepancies between what they say and the expressions on their face
  •     Looking away momentarily before answering a question which he or she should already know the answer to
  •     High or tight sounding voice
  •     Tension in their forehead and eyebrows
  •     Answering the question before you finish asking it
  •     Liars often ask to have the question repeated
  •     They will attempt to deny something specific
  •     They will make an issue out of something irrelevant

A truthful person will be direct and answer the question with a simple, "no" and they are o.k. with silence, claims Body Language Expert Driver. While on the other hand, a liar gets nervous about being believed, so they will say one of the following 11 verbal responses and then they will keep talking and talking and talking (repeating their story over and over again).

1.     Who me?

2.     Are you saying you think I am cheating on you?

3.     What kind of person do you think I am?

4.     I would be stupid to cheat on you!

5.     It would be impossible to cheat on you!

6.     I swear I would never cheat on you

7.     My word is my bond

8.     Honestly, I didn't cheat

9.     If I cheated, prove it!

10.    I already answered that!

11.    I knew this would happen!

In Driver's __detecting deception class__ that is offered throughout the United States and Canada, when it comes to cheating, she warns people who suspect that their loved one is having an affair to immediately take steps to protect themselves. Do not put yourself at risk for HIV/AIDS, herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Janine Driver, Lyin' Tamer (, is a body language and detecting deception expert, author, popular media guest, and radio personality who travels from Washington, DC. After a decade of training law enforcement officers how to communicate with crooks, Janine took her reading people skills over to the dating and business worlds. Janine has appeared on Fox News Live, Fox Weekend News Live, NBC's the Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning Show, and Geraldo. She is also a regular contributor to the national interest magazine Life & Style, where each month she weighs in on her professional opinions of such Hollywood Hotties as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, J Lo and Marc Anthony, and the lsit goes on and on... Janine offers her signature training to law enforcement officers, political advisors, attorneys, judges, and professionals in sales and marketing, recruiting, and in the medical profession. Janine can be contacted at 202/271-0922 or by visiting today.


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