The Baby Gift Boutique That Keeps On Giving

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Brown Eyed Baby Boutiqe, a leader in the baby gift industry, has been recognized for their dedication to women in business as well as those in need.

My children and others need to be aware that not everyone in the world has enough to eat each day

Living in a country such as the United States, with such sustainable abundance can be very deceiving to the average American family. There are so many choices available to even the most modest of American families regarding mealtime. Choices about what, where, and how to eat abound. Should we eat in? Eat out? Microwave, bake, or boil? Should we supersize, powerup, or go big; carry out or have delivered! Sometimes the choices become so daunting that we simply settle for a bowl of cereal and call it a night.

This is far from the standard of mealtime in many developing nations where the average man woman and child survive on merely one meal a day! Heartbreaking to say the least.

The two moms behind Brown Eyed Baby Boutique, a successful online baby gifts boutique, have found a very clever and unique way to raise awareness of what many developing nations consume daily and even manage to give back a little. The idea originally came to Linda, a co-owner of the baby gift boutique, when she decided to institute "Dollar Dinner Night". Linda, a wife and mother of three, decided to try and feed her family dinner one night a week for less than one dollar. A complete meal might consist of macaroni and cheese or a baked potato-something the rest of us might simply consider a side dish. The money that would have been used to purchase meals is then given to those in need. Linda feels that this weekly experience enriches her family's appreciation for how much they have to be thankful for. Although her family enjoys a comfortable lifestyle today, Linda was not always so comfortable - growing up with barely enough to put food on the table. "My children and others need to be aware that not everyone in the world has enough to eat each day," says Linda. Her children have taken enthusiastically to the idea of "Dollar dinner night", even contributing meal suggestions. On the counter sits a proudly displayed jar holding the money from each weeks meal that have been saved. The jar is a visual reminder of the good that is being accomplished as the money saved in it will be used to purchase items from a gift catalog for a needy family each December.

Brown Eyed Baby Gift Boutique also strives to support the efforts of women entrepreneurs around the globe. In many lands, seemingly simple purchases can be just what a woman needs to start her own small, yet sustainable business. In recent months Brown Eyed Baby Boutique has proudly purchased broods of ducks, chickens, and rabbits for women in struggling countries. The recipients are then able to sell future offspring or the eggs or milk they produce at local marketplaces to produce an income. The women are sometimes required to donate some of the offspring to other families in their village or town thus fueling community growth.

The owners of this unique baby gifts boutique have joined forces with World Vision once again. This time they have contributed to the Womens Loan Fund. This fund helps women in other countries start businesses to provide for their families and community. The money is then payed back and passed on to other women, furthering the growth of the community for many years.

All of their efforts have given Brown Eyed Baby Gift Boutique a strong sense of pride and sisterhood with women and mothers all over the world. Many organizations have begun taking notice of such extraordinary efforts of these two small business owners. World Vision News detailed a glowing interview highlighting their efforts. In a time when the world relies mostly on "big business" and large corporations to provide assistance to the less fortunate, Brown Eyed Baby Gift Boutique is proving that small business does play a role in helping the women of the world.

"We want our customers to remember that when they are shopping online for that perfect baby gift or designer diaper bag, and they purchase from our baby boutique, they are helping to support women all over the globe." states Linda. Brown Eyed Baby Boutique strives to do this weekly as they continue to "invite the world to supper."
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