Form I-9 Compliance, LLC Announces New Technology to Enhance Its Comprehensive Managed Solution for Industry Leading 'Best Practices' Administration of Form I-9 Processes

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Form I-9 Compliance announces technology enhancements to Its managed solution for Form I-9 administration. Adding to its industry-leading electronic Form I-9 that enables e-signature and legal right to work verification through the Basic Pilot Program, Form I-9 Compliance now offers an automated solution for proactively managing "no match" problems, outsourced auditing of I-9 Forms, and scanning and indexing I-9 Forms to create a completely paperless process.

Form I-9 Compliance, LLC, the first federally approved Designated Agent of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) for web-based employment verification through the Basic Pilot Program, today announced the development of three technological advancements to significantly improve the following:

1. Automated submission of employer payroll records to the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) to identify employees with "No Match" problems;

2. Outsourced auditing of I-9 Forms to help ensure full compliance with the requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and its subsequent amendments;

3. Scanning and indexing of paper I-9 Forms into an electronic database to create a completely paperless Form I-9 repository.

These advances, coupled with Form I-9 Compliance's already highly technologically advanced and secure web-based electronic error-detecting Form I-9, and the most user friendly direct interface with the Basic Pilot Program, provide employers with an unparalled Managed Solution for all of their needs for legally defensible Form I-9 administration and proactive Social Security "No Match" protocols. As employers are increasingly aware, the creeping scope of Sarbannes-Oxley has created a need to be compliant in all legal arenas and places a new focus on the proper administration of Form I-9 processes.

SSN "No Match" Protocols

Employers will now have access to Form I-9 Compliance's SSNVS web application ( which preemptively identifies an employer's exposure in this critical area. Form I-9 Compliance has developed software that provides a "Pre-Process Scan" quality check to help ensure that employer submitted data is 100% accurate. This "Pre-Process Scan" allows an employer to correct any formatting or content errors before Form I-9 Compliance's submission to SSA of the employer's relevant data. After submitting a simplified upload file in Microsoft Excel, Form I-9 Compliance reformats these data elements into the 13 specific fields required by the SSA record layout. Within 48 hours, if SSA detects any errors or "no matches", Form I-9 Compliance will e-mail the employer the number of errors/ "no matches" along with instructions for downloading the errors/ "no matches" report from its secure web site.

Vulnerability Assessment Audits

Employers will now also have access to Form I-9 Compliance's non-provisional patent pending computerized program that identifies and records all Form I-9 errors, omissions, and/or discrepancies. This program, with its unique auditing applications, identifies specific weaknesses in the employer's Form I-9 processes and makes targeted recommendations for corrective actions for each I-9 Form that is audited. At the conclusion of a Vulnerability Assessment Audit, a comprehensive "Confidential Report" is prepared for the client that details post audit findings and again makes specific recommendations for corrective action on each deficient I-9 Form. It will also identify those I-9 Forms that are missing. These audits will become more important as employers begin to plan for the increased scrutiny that will inevitably arise from new federal immigration legislation.

Scanning and Indexing of Paper I-9 Forms

Employers can achieve a totally paperless Form I-9 process by scanning and indexing their current paper I-9 Forms and electronically storing them on the same database that Form I-9 Compliance maintains for the creation of electronic I-9 Forms for newly hired employees. This scanning process includes the capture of expiration dates for documents that require renewal. Thus, an employer will have the added benefit of receiving 90, 60 and 30 days advance e-mail alerts from Form I-9 Compliance that an employee's work authorization documents are about to expire, minimizing the potential for an employer to lose valued employees.

"With the leveraging of technology for these three services, Form I-9 Compliance has created the most user friendly, cost effective and comprehensive Managed Solution for employers to adopt "Best Practices" protocols for all of their Form I-9 administration needs", said John M. Hermann, Chief Executive Officer of Form I-9 Compliance. "This unique application of technology in all of our service offerings is not duplicated by any other provider", added Mr. Hermann. "We are now able to clearly demonstrate to any employer that an investment in our Managed Solution will lead to a significant return to the employer in terms of increased cost efficiencies and significantly reduced vulnerabilities to potential fines and negative publicity."

Commenting on the "Human Element" in Form I-9 Compliance's suite of services, Mr. Hermann stated that "in addition to the latest industry leading technology applications announced today, we have assembled a highly qualified and knowledgeable staff of in-house senior auditors. Each of these individuals has more than 20 years of Form I-9 auditing experience. They are available to conduct on-site or off-site Vulnerability Assessment Audits, correct or make recommendations for correcting flawed I-9 Forms prior to scanning and indexing, and to conduct focused training in proper Form I-9 administration. This nation-wide cadre of senior auditors gives Form I-9 Compliance a significant edge over any other single provider in terms of its web-based technology applications and its auditing capabilities."

Mr. Hermann continued his remarks by saying, "proactive employers who want to legitimately and objectively assess their 'legal exposure' as far as Form I-9 compliance is concerned, and simultaneously understand the degree of exposure with which the organization is confronted, should seriously consider placing their organization in a proactive position by utilizing our electronic applications. It will be tragic to watch the frenzied reactions of those employers who ultimately discover that 25%-35% of their workforce are blatantly illegal and there is no plan in place to backfill these employees. Now, employers can use the technology created by Form I-9 Compliance as an accurate and timely "early warning system." In concluding his comments, Mr. Hermann stated that, "by being proactive, employers will be able to realistically plan for deployment of future resources in order to mitigate the benign indifference that has existed in the post IRCA era."

About Form I-9 Compliance, LLC

With the passage of IRCA, Mr. Hermann worked closely with the DHS' predecessor agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), to assist in the development of the original Form I-9 and has been providing comprehensive Form I-9 consulting and auditing services for over 20 years.

In 2005, Form I-9 Compliance announced its patent pending proprietary web-based Form I-9 software solution that is fully electronically integrated with DHS' Basic Pilot Program. In its official role as a Designated Agent approved by DHS, Form I-9 Compliance served as DHS's beta test partner for its then newly developed web-based program. In June of 2006, Form I-9 Compliance announced that it had been formally certified by DHS to process Basic Pilot queries through the federal government's web services protocols.


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