World's Most Expensive Book Claims to Solve World's Problems

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Uneducated man claims that all the answers to a healthy and prosperous nation is found in his book titled: The $1 Billion Book.

Uneducated man claims that all the answers to a healthy prosperous nation is found in his book titled: The $1 Billion Book. Richard the Lion Hearted (alias Richard Snowden) stated that if a nation doesn't make or save at least $10 billion by implementing the little known secrets in his book, it will cost them nothing.

The problems that all nations face are climbing debt, poverty, declining health and lower standard of living. Billions of dollars have been spent on the "wars". The "war on poverty", the "war on drugs", the "war on cancer" and now the "war on terrorism".

How this money is spent and the programs used to implement this are all wasted, so claims Richard the Lion Hearted (alias Richard Snowden). And he will show the nation for only $1 billion (free of all taxes of course).

So what does this book contain?

The table of contents reveals subjects include:

Why Things Are the Way They Are

How to Increase Living Standard

Workers Are Customers, Too

Debt-free Society

How Wealth is Created

Why the Immigration Problem and How to Solve It

Second World Nations Can Provide Wealth like First World Nations

Success leaves clues

plus much more, as found in The Billion Dollar Book web page at

For those who don't have a spare $1 billion lying around, "Richard the Lion Hearted" has other books available for pocket change at the above web site.

Asked why the $1 billion price tag for a book that no one can afford if his claim is to help people? Richard responded by saying, "This book is meant for nations where millions can be helped IF the information is put to use. If it's not put to use, at least I'll have enough money to help thousands of people. And don't forget, I guaranteed that a nation who buys The Billion Dollar Book will profit at least 10 times on their money if the information is put to use, or their cost is nothing.

"Tell, what nation wouldn't want to make an extra $10 billion?"

A lot more information about The Billion Dollar Book to help nations, as well as books that help individuals for their health, finances and relationships can be found at:

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