Mr Nice Guy Hates Your Guts: Insights Into Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder

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What do you do when you wake up one morning and realize that the man who has worshiped you, now suddenly hates your guts? That's the question Rhonda Coleman poses at the heart of Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts, as she weaves her tale of love and loathing hidden behind the façade of a modern-day fairytale. This is no "Oh, woe is me" session, this is a pick-yourself-up-by-the-Manolos guide for the ladies to show how to deal with and overcome Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder, the dark secret that lurks inside every woman's Mr. Nice Guy. And it's a tale told with charm, class, and a whole lotta sass, that is totally, trophyliciously over the top as only Rhonda can deliver. In her fight against her man's PAPD, Rhonda shapes a course of action and active involvement to keep their love alive and bring about a new understanding between them. With her man firmly at her side, now, Rhonda turns to women out there everywhere and dispenses her wit and wisdom with brass and bluntness, calling all the attention she can gather on this silent problem. This book is for the woman who rises above the everyday and arms her with the knowledge and confidence she will need to conquer her worst relationship nightmare - Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts!

It could never happen to me!

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With its first publication to hit the market, Trophy Entertainment's publishing subsidiary, Trophylicious Books presents Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts, a daring naked look at the ideal marriage gone horribly wrong when one of the partners suffers from PAPD (passive-aggressive personality disorder). The first book, penned by Author Rhonda Coleman pulls no punches as she peels away the layers of denial and subterfuge that surround this subject.

Having dealt successfully with PAPD in order to preserve her marriage to a man she says, "I love very much and have been married to for over twenty years," Coleman describes how she came to realize the problems in her marriage and what she determined to do about them.

Her startling revelation shows that it is Mr. Nice Guy rather than Mr. Bad Boy who suddenly becomes cold and distant in an otherwise terrific relationship. The bad boys, identified by a comprehensive check list, Coleman says should be avoided in the first place. An attempted relationship with one of those is bad from day one, she points out. It is the Mr. Nice Guy who begins to project PAPD behavior, usually after several years of marriage.

Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts is a no holds barred book that is a must read for all happily married women or those women who are holding out for Mr. Nice Guy. If books had ratings, this one would be R-17 and is not recommended as literature to be left lying around for the kids to pick up and read.

Thrust of Rhonda Coleman's candid look at life is a blueprint for handing the shattering experience of seeing Mr. Nice Guy descend into the morass of PAPD. She writes openly about her own experience and takes full blame for her own part in the emotional disintegration that almost killed her picture book romance. It should become a handbook for all married women -- especially those who flatter themselves into thinking, "It could never happen to me!"

Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts is currently being developed into a screenplay for both large and small screens by Trophy Productions. It promises to be a slice of real life film that has broad appeal rather than the usual "chick flick."

There is a powerful, multimedia presentation available online about the book, the author, and the disorder that also includes an online dating forum, a social networking component, exclusive branded merchandise, support groups, and a host of other features. Log online to or call 1-888-859-MNGA for more information.

Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts is due out by December 20, 2006 which is just in time for the holidays and makes a perfect gift. The book will be sold through, book tours,,, and finer bookstores throughout the country.

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