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Mehta International launches (RSR) today, an online portal that features 100% unbiased reviews of todayÂ?s top public records search service providers. Free records searches, relevant, updated information about public records in general, and numerous tips on how to locate and retrieve specific records are also provided for all site visitors.

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Mehta International is pleased to announce the launch of (RSR), an online portal dedicated to making public records easily accessible to everyone.

At RSR, people can easily find the public records (e.g., court records, marriage records, birth records, etc.) they are looking for because its professional team of researchers has spent countless hours selecting and comparing the leading records search service providers in the industry. The result of this endeavor has enabled RSR to present only the best providers, i.e., those capable of scouring thousands of data centers across the US so that a single public records check -- conducted safely and securely from your home or office -- will result in locating the public record(s) you are looking for.

Furthermore, RSR was designed with the user in mind. There are no legal jargons to confuse visitors; free records searches can be conducted without any obligation; and information about specific public records is accessible with just a few clicks.

So how did it all begin?

Just eight months ago, Amit Mehta was sitting at his desk at a popular US government lab minding his own business and doing his work. He served as a Systems Analyst and his projects dealt with highly classified documents day in and day out. A couple of month’s later, a family member’s frustration with accessing public records will set Amit off in a completely new direction.

A family member needed certain court records for research purposes. However, despite all his efforts, he cannot seem to find them. Worse, he had spent a considerable amount of money he never planned to spend on just tracing the records.

At a family gathering, he approached Amit, mentioned his dilemma and made a seemingly innocent joke. Since the records he was looking for were proving to be illusive, maybe they were not public records at all but classified documents sitting in Amit’s office.

“I remember thinking... Come on! If they’re public records, they’re probably just out there… right?” says Amit.

Amit was convinced the guy was not looking at the right place. “So I thought... I’ll make some calls or go online or something and just find it for him and that would be it. I was wrong... I couldn’t believe how difficult it was.”

Amit soon found himself becoming frustrated himself and all of a sudden he realized there is a market need here -- a big one. The further he dug, the more convinced he became that access to public documents can be improved. Amit became so convinced of this that he resigned his post at the US government lab where he worked and invested in hiring a professional researcher to dig deep into the problems people encounter when they try to find public records -- offline and online.

The results of the research showed that people are first and foremost confused about where to go to get public records. As a result, they spend countless hours and considerable money trying to track down public documents only to find out they were looking in the wrong place to begin with.

As for online searches, people are getting short-changed when they conduct a records search because there are literally dozens of independent data centers out there. So a search in one database yields nothing but it does not mean it does not exist in another. It easily becomes a cumbersome game of chance.

The research also showed that people are frustrated with nearly all of the online databases they use. Complaints range from poor site design and lack of user friendliness, to search interfaces that are filled with legal jargon, specialty abbreviations, or a combination of both.

“The research findings formed the foundation of the site I wanted to build,” says Amit. And he certainly lost no in time doing so.

Two months to the day after he resigned his post, Amit soft-launched

So how effective is RSR at answering the need for public access information? “More than 1,000 visitors come to RSR everyday for their public record needs.” This is definitely a feat for any new site on the Internet.

“And we will continue to grow. Every single day, life events happen and public documents are being made so we will continuously work on RSR... we want to be your first thought when you want to find public records online.”

A public forum, more extensive search service provider reviews and US state-centric content aimed at further reducing the time people spend finding public records are just some of the items RSR has scheduled for site visitors this December.

About is an online guide dedicated to making public record information easily accessible to anyone. It features unbiased reviews of today’s top records search service providers and offers visitors free access to a database of content all aimed at helping anyone who wishes to find public records online.


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