Sanity Saver for Parents and Grandparents

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Where do parents and grandparents go when they need practical advice for spending quality time with the children in their life? They have discovered, a new online resource for anyone caring for young children.

We understand that parents and grandparents are very busy

Kirsty Newbury and Susan Clarke are no strangers to spending quality time with children. Both are Early Childhood Professionals, both have worked in the Child Care Industry for many years, and most importantly, both are mums.

With a desire to assist other parents and grandparents (Susan is also a Grandmother of six) in the ongoing care and education of their children, the mother-daughter team created, an online resource for anyone caring for young children. launched this year to an enthusiastic welcome from parents and carers around Australia. With over 300 site Members so far, Our Little Treasure is no flash-in-the-pan online creation. The website offers parents and grandparents practical tools, articles and resources for spending quality time with their children.

Members children benefit from the experience and knowledge of Early Childhood Teachers, which is a valuable commodity in today's busy world. Most parents and grandparents are often too busy to design meaningful and educational Activities for children to do during their day. They resort to offering TV and computer games as a quick-fix alternative due to their hectic and fast paced lifestyle.

Our Little Treasure empowers parents and grandparents by giving them the tools to spend the quality time they desire with their children, without the stress of having to design and research the Activities themselves.

"We understand that parents and grandparents are very busy" says co-founder Susan Clarke. "I have six grandchildren under the age of 10 and on the days when I look after them I am often flat out simply caring for their individual needs". "I have the benefit of years of Early Childhood experience to fall back on when I need to create a fun day for the children, other parents and grandparents don't have that luxury". "Our Little Treasure becomes a tool, a friend for getting through the day with your sanity in tact!" says Susan.

Recently in November, Our Little Treasure launched a new free information page, where Visitors to the website can benefit from some of the interesting and helpful Articles that Our Little Treasure Members currently enjoy.

The most suprising success story from this new Visitors section is the launch of S.O.S. Susie!, a 'Grandparenting Helpdesk' for grandparents at home with young children. Grandparents email their questions and concerns and Susan, Our Little Treasure's resident grandparenting expert, replies to and posts answers to questions each month.

S.O.S. Susie is living proof that Grandparents around the world are looking for practical assistance and answers with the page receiving 90% of all Our Little Treasure's monthly traffic.

According to Susan "Generally (but not always), grandparents have more time to enjoy the wonder of their grandchildren. We are able to spend more time playing and making the most of this time together than we were with our own children. As a grandparent, you begin to understand just how special childhood is and it becomes a joy to contribute to the upbringing of little ones. Often relationships with our own children are strengthened as a result of helping with this care."

"My goal is to offer insightful and informative real-life answers to the questions I receive. At the end of the day, that's what people want. Someone to tell them the truth in real terms without all the parenting jargon that people throw around these day."

The future is looking bright for Our Little Treasure, and if Kirsty and Susan have anything to do with it, many more parents and grandparents the world over will be having their turn to discover Our Little Treasure.

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