New Peditox Detox Foot Spa Importer for Canada Appointed

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Oxton Partnership Limited are pleased to announce that Triangle Healing Products have been appointed as exclusive importers for PediTox© products for Canada.

Modern life takes its toll on our bodies. We are exposed daily to higher levels of contaminants, toxins, stresses and man made substances than ever before, and most of us yearn for an easy, effective way to rid ourselves of all these pollutants.

Now, at long last, we can relax. The PediTox© detox foot spa helps to restore our bodies to the balanced state they need in order to function at their maximum efficiency. Through the use of revolutionary technology, PediTox© assists the body to process and eliminate toxins and waste products, thereby giving the user increased energy and a general sense of well-being.

The UK made PediTox© system works on the same basis as the well-established process of electrolysis, that is, if you place two electrical rods in a conductive solution (i.e. one which conducts electricity) and pass electricity through them, particles are produced to 'carry' the electricity. These carrier particles are called "ions."

By creating negative ions within a carefully controlled saline (salt) solution situated in a footbath, PediTox© draws positively-charged toxins out through the feet and into the solution. The feet have been chosen as a convenient access point where there are a maximum number of pores and many blood vessels close to the skin. PediTox© uses control electronics to ensure safety at all times.

Once these toxins have been removed, the body recognises this and speeds up the processing of remaining toxins, taking them out of storage if necessary. It also turns its attention to other ailments which may have been neglected while it dealt with the existing toxins.

For first time users the benefits are significant but short-lasting. However, with regular therapy sessions longer term results will be achieved.

Submerged in the water of the footbath is an innovative ion generator, iGen II©, which in conjunction with the control electronics starts a regulated electrolysis process within the saline solution, thus creating ions. Additional by-products include chlorine, hydrogen and oxygen.

Once out of the feet, the toxins are attracted to the ions and combine to form a compound molecule which falls into the footbath. A new ion then attaches itself to the foot and the process continues.

A single PediTox© session takes 25-30 minutes as this is the length of time it takes for blood to completely circulate the human body. Therefore in one session, all the blood in the body will have passed through the feet.

Throughout the course of the session, the footbath water gradually turns light brown due to the many by-products of the process. While many of the toxin compounds are colourless, some do have colour and can often be seen against the backdrop of the solution.

iGen II© is a unique, innovative device which, in conjunction with cutting-edge control electronics, generates the ions which draw toxins out of the body. iGen II© has been developed with style in mind with its sleek, attractive design. However, the iGen II© is also extremely effective and efficient. The technology used in the iGen II© ensures that the user receives the maximum benefit from their PediTox© session.

Unlike other more conventional spiral arrays, the iGen II © uses a plate that can last up to 80 treatments. This makes it the most economical system currently available.

The benefits of a PediTox© detox session can include helping

  • lactic acid reduction
  • menstrual pain
  • kidney & liver function
  • weight loss
  • skin problems
  • circulation
  • arthritis
  • stress relief
  • heavy metal intoxication
  • candida
  • insomnia

For more information on PediTox © detox foot spa units in Canada & most US States contact:

Diane Regan

Triangle Healing Products

772 Spruce Avenue

Victoria BC

V8T 5A5


Tel: +1 Tel: 250 370 1818

Toll Free: +1 888 370 1818

UK & Europe

Oxton Partnership Limited

Tel: +44 845 838 0793

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