As Spam Hits All-time High Safety Send Sets Releases the Interceptor to Combat the 'Basket of Snakes' as the Ultimate Thief

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Spam adds cost our economy in the billions every year. Safety Send Interceptor technology foils the thief. Spam is a sinister hidden cost that robs organizations of up to one hour a day from productive work from every email user. Interceptor stops well over 90% of Spam.

The new Safety Send Interceptor is active technology that constantly learns from spam attempts and applies variable algorithm interception to detect and reject Spam. Critical communications are not delayed and users are frustrated with Spam and email problems. While no defense is 100% effective, the best answer is to use active technology that constantly adjusts to the variable tactics of Spammers. Computer Mail Services calculates that every 10 users with spam can cost almost $2000.00 a year in direct cost. Many companies report an average of an hour a day per user in lost productivity cost just to delete spam.

The SafetySend Interceptor is appropriately named because it deals with spam and viruses before they reach a computer screen by managing the source of the problem. Under severe circumstances a deluge of spam can actually prevent legitimate emails from reaching the server causing the loss of critical information. Safety Send Interceptor steps in and blocks the flood of spam and eliminates the rejection notices the server needs to send out to undeliverable messages thereby saving time, money and frustration.

Shawn Fry, Safety Send Chief Information Officer concluded a panel discussion hosted by HIPAA News on Spam and said; "Spam is like a basket of snakes, some are poisonous and some are just annoying. Spam is part of an increasing cost factor for IT departments that has joined and perhaps eclipsed it's more destructive counterparts such as viruses and spyware (known as malware) as perhaps the greatest risk in the technical arena. It is costly from a technical basis by utilizing valuable CPU cycles, bandwidth and memory, and the lost productivity in man hours by just to review and delete each spam message is costing corporations billions each year and taking an emotional toll on many frustrated users as well. An IT department taking a passive approach to managing spam is already losing the battle. SafetySend Interceptor is an active approach that tackles Spam before it consumes valuable resources."

"Spammers are very smart and change methods every day. Spammers use human nature to their advantage. Most people "check their mail. Sophisticated tools are used to collect valid addresses from free email systems, web sites, robbed email addresses, and online directories. When you respond to junk e-mail asking to be removed or click on so called "opt-out" links that are often embedded with spyware to track your activity or malware to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the your knowledge. In other cases, "opting-out" verifies that your address is valid and increases the volume of SPAM you receive. Better to avoid snakes than test each one with a bite to see if they are poisonous."

Safety Send Interceptor was designed and built to meet the demands of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Financial Modernization Act of 1999 (GLB). It has since become a prime method to protect communication well beyond the medical and financial community.

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