Cleansing Diet Company Responds to Beyonce Denials: The Master Cleanser Diet is Safe and Has Been Used Successfully by Thousands of People

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Despite the press coverage after Beyonce Knowles disavowed the benefits of The Master Cleanser diet, this diet has been--and continues to be--used safely by thousands of people. Moreover, many scientific studies back the claims of fasting advocates.

Beyonce Knowles made a lot of press recently describing how she lost 20 pounds in 10 days while fasting. She did it doing the famous Master Cleanser diet using lemon juice, cayenne pepper and Madal Bal Syrup, a syrup made from a mixture of maple and palm syrups.

After many publications around the world published her description of the diet, she received criticism from some health experts. "There is no evidence that detoxing is any better for you than eating a balanced, healthy diet," said Azmina Govindji of the British Dietetic Association. In the face of rising criticism, Beyonce backed off her earlier endorsement of the diet and recommended that others not try it. "I do not recommend to anyone… it was for a movie."

While the sale of Madal Bal Syrup received a significant boost, the US distributor of the Madal Bal syrup has taken exception to Beyonce's retractions and the opinions of various "health experts." "The Master Cleanser diet is proven safe. It's been around for over 30 years and has been tried by tens of thousands of people around the world," according to Charlie Rebich a longtime fasting advocate and owner of the US distributing company that sells the Madal Bal Syrup. "The syrup contains mostly palm syrup which supplies all the needed calories during the diet while the other ingredients support cleansing. No one is starving themselves and the diet is not long-term, it's only for a week or so."

While Beyonce may have only been looking to lose weight, fasting has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. The idea behind fasting is that the body gets to refocus the energy it normally uses for digestion on detoxifying the body and cellular rejuvenation. During a fast the eliminative organs of the body become more active and the material of old and diseased cells are broken down and reused in the body. The ingredients of the Master Cleanser support fasting in several ways. The Madal Bal Syrup provides energy, energy for the body and mind, but in liquid form so that it is easily absorbed. Lemon juice has a tremendous alkalizing cleansing effect on the body and cayenne pepper adds heat to increase circulation.

Recent scientific studies back the claims of fasting advocates. A 2005 UC Berkeley study found that mice made to fast every other day, while making up for the lost calories on feeding days, had reduced cell proliferation suggesting a decreased chance of cancer while lengthening lifespan. In fact, many studies have shown that all types of animals live longer through periodic fasting, usually between 30 to 50% longer.

A recent study just released by Dr Eric Ravussin, a longevity researcher at Louisiana State University, showed that calorie restriction and periodic fasting diets also help humans. The participants of his study showed decreased DNA damage linked with aging and cancer formation. The first study of its kind done with humans showed the participants also had decreased insulin levels, suggesting decreased risk of developing diabetes. While more research needs to be done on humans "this is the first proof that what has been observed in rodents seems to be also working in humans," concluded Dr. Ravussin.

Charlie Rebich, owner of SJ Distributors, distributors of the Madal Bal Syrup, is a long time fasting advocate and travels offering lectures on the benefits of fasting. He is available for comment or interview and he can be reached at 707-887-8856 or by email: info @

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