Barbara Streisand and Jesus? Barbara and Her Music Open Hearts on 'A Jesus Blog'

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The new progressive Jesus blog called simply - "a jesus blog" - asks the question: What if anything could a famous Jewish singer teach us about Jesus Christ? Is it the music, the movies, the lyrics, her powerful voice? What it about Barbra that has touched so many so deeply?

Newly launched "a jesus blog" offers yet another eye opening look at the teaching of Jesus through the last place you would think to look; the recent performance of Barbara Streisand in Las Vegas Nevada. There is no question that this blog has captured hearts and sparked a lively discussion around the world with its unique approach to revealing the deeper message of Jesus Christ. Who would have thought that Barbara Streisand could actually help people better understand the message of Jesus? But as the blog points out, music is the language of the heart that contains the power to transcend our differences.

Of course the political aspect of Barbara's performance has been more than a little controversial, but politics aside her show in Vegas was very funny. As the blog points out; laughter is the gift of God reminding its readers that the words of Jesus are simply meant to open your heart to the unending love, compassion, and Joy of God.

More than anything else this blog makes you think about what Jesus was talking about and why? Towards the end of her performance Barbara sang a song called "Children will Listen" revealing the truth that children must be taught to hate. The blog points out that it was more than a performance; it was a message for the entire world - that your children are listening and watching. If you teach them to hate, they will hate. If you teach them to kill, they will kill. If you teach them to love, they will love. Our future rests with our children - do we have the courage to teach them love, joy, and humility? Do we have the courage to teach them the power of forgiveness?

One reader writes, "I particularly like the part that says "Children must be taught to hate." How very true! What Jill shared was indeed thought-provoking! Did we ever sit down to seriously think about what we say at home, be it to the children directly or communication with other adults at home? Are we at some unknown circumstances actually were teaching our children to hate? Are we demonstrating to our kids at home or school, the real values of life & the love of God in ourselves, like we consciously tell to them directly?!

Another reader writes, "I have read many many of your articles, but nothing touched my heart and soul like this one, especially at this time of year."

And yet another writes, "Love whispers through your exemplary article!"

The article reveals that the words of Jesus are the eternal song of God calling us home to love, calling us home to peace, calling us home to freedom and eternal life. There is something about this blog that just makes you feel good. The article concludes by asking "Are you giving the eternal gift of love today? I never thought of love as an eternal gift, but it really is, we always remember gifts of love even when we receive them from a total stranger. Love is certainly whispering through this blog opening hearts around the world!

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