The Queen of Motivational Speaking Launches New Blog For Getting Past Your Past

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A busy attorney, real estate broker, writer, motivational speaker, and seminar leader launches a blog to stay in touch with those who want a daily dose of motivation and emotionally healthy living.

When Susan Elliott launched her NYC company last year, she taught classes at the Learning Annex and through her own company. The classes entitled "Get Past Your Past and Make Your Dreams Come True" were so successful that she soon did not have enough time to teach them. She's a full time attorney, part time real estate broker, motivational speaker, and writer who is trying to finish the book that accompanies the Get Past Your Past seminar. The classes require a lot of preparation work but her former students clamored for her daily time and attention and she received constant inquiries about when the next class was scheduled.

"I found myself writing emails to my students for hours every night after work." Elliott says. "As an attorney, I typically work 10 or 12 hour days so I would start emailing very late. I enjoy teaching and want to be accessible but was having trouble finding time to develop and schedule new classes." In June Elliott thought she had the answer by launching a newsletter to answer questions and disseminate motivational materials. But by October she was falling behind in the newsletter.

"I felt very distressed that I was letting my subscribers down. I want them to enjoy the experience of working the program and knowing that they receive motivation and free material each month." Elliott says. "I like to check in with my former students as well as people who live in other parts of the country and bought the program on CD or MP3 becasue we've never met, and I think reaching out to them is important."

In November Elliott had a busy month and could not get the newsletter out. As December approached and it still was not out, she decided to launch a blog. It took her a few days to set it up and she realized that she speaks to students at least once a day and would incorporate those communications and impressions into the blog instead of trying to answer voluminous emails and write the newsletter.

"I can communicate on a large scale once a day," Elliott says. She sent an announcement to her subscribers and former studentst to tell them about the blog and invited them to write her in email with questions or comments. Students now know she will answer on the blog when she has time. "I already have weeks of material but don't feel overwhelmed because I work through it a little every day. It seems much more manageable this way. I've only been doing it a little while but it seems like I not only have so much more free time but I'm not feeling that I'm neglecting anyone."

Others who have never heard of the program or the seminars are now stopping by. "I am expanding the people I talk to and I feel like my time is much more manageable." Launching the blog has freed her up considerably. Elliott can write a blog entry in the morning, go off to work all day and come home late at night and, instead of answering a pile of email, work on the book or on a class. She can also concentrate on helping people buy and sell real estate on the weekend and accept more speaking engagements.

People constantly inquire about when the next class or seminar will be and now she can schedule it sooner than she thought. "I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to hold a class for a few months but now I can schedule the February classes." Elliott feels so much more in control all because she launched a blog. "It's an amazing tool!" she says. "I'm really thrilled about it, and my readers are too!"

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