JewelryMall.Com Offers Worry-Free Alternatives to the Blood Diamond

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Blood Diamond, a new movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, focuses on the geopolitical implications of the global diamond trade. Jewelry Mall offers alternative gems that fuse ethical sourcing with a look and feel indistinguishable from diamonds.

The thought provoking, heart wrenching movie "Blood Diamond" is almost hypnotic to watch. The movie shows in detail that diamonds, because they are brilliantly beautiful, easily transportable and extremely valuable, are at the root of much lawlessness throughout the world. The atrocities shown in the movie occurred in Sierra Leone during a bloody civil war stretching from 1991-2002. Viewers are drawn into the story and are ethically challenged to make sure they don't contribute to similar outrages. In response, Jewelry Mall now offers several gems as diamond alternatives.

Lorraine Venner suggests two gems -- moissanite and cubic zirconia -- as the best diamond alternatives for jewelry lovers who wish to both look good and keep a clean conscience:

1) Moissanite:

The most modern diamond substitute developed is moissanite, a substance originally discovered in a meteorite, or shooting star, that fell to earth. While moissanite is used in jewelry as a diamond substitute, many experts feel it to be even more beautiful than diamonds themselves. It reflects twice as much light as a diamond, making a stone that is doubly brilliant. While limited availability makes moissanite more expensive than cubic zirconia, it is nonetheless considerably cheaper than real diamond. Choosing moissanite will give a ring twice the sparkle at both a-reduced price and without the problems that might be associated with today's diamond industry.

2) Cubic Zirconia

Classic cubic zirconia (CZ) made its jewelry debut in 1976, and is considered to be the most cost effective and realistic diamond replica available. Costing a fraction of the price of a real diamond, cubic zirconia's appearance is strikingly similar. Cubic zirconia disperses light in a similar fashion to diamonds, which gives it that same brilliance that makes diamonds beautiful. Choosing cubic zirconia means a jewelry lover can collect a bounty of beautiful jewelry pieces for the same price as a single piece of diamond jewelry.

Other. less well-established diamond substitutes include, white sapphire (which is still fairly expansive), zircon, or rhinestones (which are very noticeably fake). Simple birthstones are also a very popular alternative.

Whichever stone a jewelry lovers settles upon, they should know they have saved money, and possibly more.

Jewelry Mall has been educating consumers about jewelry for 11 years. They offer a wide selection of jewelry featuring diamond alternatives.


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