Life Changing Software Programme Launches Worldwide

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A new self-coaching software solution applies imagery and animation to align the conscious and unconscious mind, offering 24/7 support for people who want to lose weight, gain confidence, give up smoking, improve their careers and gain a better work life balance.

Rather than hiring the expense of a life coach the public can now achieve their goals through using a new self-coaching software solution called the GROW cards™. The three downloadable software options offer a new approach to coaching and personal development, by applying imagery and animation through a structured goal setting process.

The GROW cards™ are primarily a self-help process that engages the user at an emotional level through deep reflection. They act as a catalyst for effective goal setting, developing creativity, problem-solving skills, helping people to turn goals into reality and importantly support the user 24/7 unlike a professional coach who cannot maintain that level of support.

The GROW cards™, described as "impressive" by Dr Mike Bagshaw a psychologist. He added, "They are a new powerful innovative perspective in personal development which reflects a unique orientation and contribution to people development".

Traditional coaching techniques rely on empathic listening and questioning skills within a structured process focused on the client's agenda. Typically, after each session the client creates a list of actions which they agree to complete before his next session. Each set of actions move them closer to their desired situation. The client may not see their coach for a week to a few months depending on the type of agreed actions. During this time the client may drift back to old ways of thinking and behaving.

Whilst all coaches want to support their client 100%, the conflict between the coach's schedule and the client's needs may make this difficult. Electronic means such as email can help. However, email may not be sufficient if the coach does not respond quickly enough to the client's needs.

The GROW cards™ are a low cost 24/7 support solution which enables users to gain control over their life without the dependence of a coach or therapist. The programmes work by aligning the conscious and unconscious mind through deep reflection, therefore allowing users to release their hidden potential.

The creator, UK entrepreneur Keith Bound said: "The GROW cards are underpinned by the Image Dynamics™ process which helps people break through self-limiting beliefs and develop creativity through deep reflection. He added, "We are anticipating high sales during the Christmas rush and well into January 2007 especially with people's focus on creating New Year goals

Bound came up with the idea through his experience as a coach and master practitioner of NLP. "I found traditional coaching techniques limiting and the email support system failing client's needs. By experimenting with imagery in a coaching context I found that clients were able to break through blocks developing a completely new perspective and direction to achieve their goals".

The beauty about the GROW cards™ is their simplicity, he added. "Its low cost, effective results and performance ownership means that is an ideal tool and process for achieving your goals in the workplace or gaining a better work/life balance".

There are three software versions to suit everyone's needs and budget. They are the Starter Version 1.0, the Basic Version 1.0 and the Professional Version 1.0 Level 1. In addition, these programmes are very cost effective starting from £14.95 ($28.40) which is much cheaper than going to a professional coach who would charge hundreds of dollars; furthermore they support the user 24/7.

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