New Anti-Smoking Technology Can Detect People Lighting Up Their Cigarettes in Washrooms

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New Technology detects the Ultraviolet Light from a match or cigarette lighter to catch people lighting up in America's bathrooms. This new stealth technology detects people lighting up and sounds a local alarm or sends it to manager's belt pagers to catch people smoking. The system helps businesses, schools and others meet the requirements of the new non-smoking laws now introduced in many states.

The advent of no smoking laws around the country have led to an increased awareness of smoking and health related issues.

Catching someone lighting up is always a challenge. Now a new innovative system is on the market to help managers catch people lighting up in their bathrooms, changing rooms or other protected areas.

These STEALTH smoking detectors found at are truly unique devices. This is truly innovative technology where the device is not really a cigarette smoke detector but more of a cigarette smoker detector.

In the past people could light up just about anywhere including the bathrooms in your school, hospital or manufacturing facility. Later when someone enters that bathroom they instantly recognize the smell of smoke but the culprit would be long gone. Cameras cannot be legally installed in most bathrooms a fact which can frustrate an enforcer looking to stamp out illegal or improper smoking in his school or facility.

Amjo Corp now offers a way to detect the action of lighting up! Several people have tried using modified or high tech smoke detectors similar to those in our homes to no effect. If the smoker is kind enough to stand under a smoke detector and blow smoke into it then perhaps it will give an alarm.

The CatchaSmoker System is very different using UV (Ultraviolet) flame detectors (not smoke detectors) these systems "see" the initiation of a flame started by a cigarette lighter or match and sounds the alarm either overtly or covertly. The covert systems alert the "enforcer", perhaps a vice principal or personnel manager that a smoker has lighted up in a particular bathroom or protected area.

These high tech system(s) actually transmit the alarm via a wireless transmitter to an intelligent receiver that determines which bathroom or area is signaling and in turn transmits a coded pager message that "Someone lit up in Bathroom Number 16" and the enforcer or his delegate can take immediate action and visit the bathroom where the infraction has occurred. The smoker is amazed that somehow he got caught! What a beautiful thing? No cameras, no microphones just cleverly applied technology.

These the reader can view these systems at Amjo's website. The cute alias for the site is These systems are manufactured in Ohio and readily available.


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