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New Year begins with immediate results, not resolutions.

Terrorists, temptation and a barrage of unknowns face business leaders in 2007. Author and entrepreneur David Russell suggests a 10-step system for moving beyond resolutions to results early in the new year.

Russell, author of the book Success With People, observes “Today we are talking with a lot of people who’ve promoted into management without any understanding of how to lead people. They’re just running on their natural leadership ability. This is particularly true with Gen Y and Gen X entrepreneurs. The problem is the success of their venture is dependent on effectively managing their employees. That’s why we teach a systematic approach for leaders addicted to poor management habits.”

Russell’s company teaches leaders of Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco partners, HR professionals and other business owners a foundational talent management system. With this basic system in place, entrepreneurs are better able to leverage their natural strengths and incorporate teaching from Covey, Blanchard and other leadership gurus.

Going into the new year Russell recommends a 10-step process to lay the foundation for your best year ever:

1. Prepare in December - Produce in January

Strategize and prepare your plans for the new year in December so you are generating results immediately in January 2007. Don’t lose January to developing resolutions when you could be achieving results.

2. Review Your Systems

Improve your Systematic Power by identifying weaknesses to correct, and strengths to build upon, in your processes and systems. And don’t overlook the most important system of all -how you hire, manage, develop and retain people.

3. Understand How You Make a Difference

Complete employee engagement requires meaningful work and meeting employee expectations. For instance, you know your work has meaning if you work for Mother Teresa in the slums of Calcutta. That’s easy for people to understand. Yet almost every business provides value to its customers. Make certain your people understand why their work makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

4. LOI: Live It – Observe It – Improve It

Are your employees using your own products and services? Jim Cabela of the $1.5 billion Cabela’s outdoor sports retail empire encourages his employees to try the products they sell (Live It) and he invests the first half of each business day talking with customers (Observe It). Based on this feedback, Cabela continues to improve his organization (Improve It) and fully engages employees. Does your company practice LOI?

5. Success Plans

Success Plans are to-do lists on steroids. Is your current system effective at managing your time? The simple way to evaluate this is to review the past year and consider whether your key objectives each day were achieved. If your daily customer and employee fire drills distracted you from your top priorities, then you need a better system to improve your success rate.

6. Hire The Best Avoid The Rest

A recent study claims 63% of all hiring decisions are made during the first interview. You can’t hire based on feelings alone. You have to balance emotions with facts. The war to hire great talent is here and the way to win the battle is to have a disciplined, complete hiring system. We teach a system that is incredibly effective. Enter the new year with a clear plan to hire the best and avoid the rest.

7. Compensation That Pays

We teach a balanced compensation program of Base Pay, Benefits and Performance Pay. Compensation does not replace proper management techniques, but should reinforce it, communicate your company values and provide open incentives for employees to earn more based on performance. Pay as you go - do NOT make any pension or benefit commitments that extend beyond each calendar year.

8. Listen More

Wars are won by groups of people combining their strengths. Businesses grow successfully when leaders take the time to listen to employees express concerns, suggest improvements and identify strengths to exploit further. Calendar time in 2007 to meet one-on-one regularly with employees to recognize their contribution, learn their perspective of your customer’s satisfaction and listen with an open mind.

9. Goals That Work

Goal setting, follow-up and achievement plague new entrepreneurs and rising stars. Don’t be confused: Working hard is important, but you need to learn how to set measurable goals, define action steps to achieve each goal and follow-up consistently with employees to help them overcome obstacles. The starting point is defining how to write goals properly. Then get your employees to draft their goals. Meet to confirm them and then calendar your follow-up.

10. Coach – Do Not Play

Too many entrepreneurs don’t delegate tasks because it is easier for them to do the work themselves than to train others. This must change if you truly want to succeed. Mentor your employees so they learn how to think on their own and your company’s success will match your expectations or beyond.

For entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who want low-cost mentoring on talent management, Russell’s company offers a novel approach. Annual members of his Success With People Club pay only $25 a month for custom-produced monthly mentoring on CD and on-call help with virtually any employee problem. Although not as individually focused as an executive coaching program costing hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, this is a very cost-effective method for entrepreneurs to develop their leadership skills. For more information visit http://www.SuccessWithPeople.com

About David Russell, the author

Partners of Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and other companies are turning to David Russell to improve the way they hire, manage, develop and retain top talent. The reason Russell is fast becoming the go-to leadership guru for high-tech entrepreneurs is he teaches a 12-step system to become an effective leader rather than just toss out some ideas and be gone. His focus on leadership follow-through is evident in his Success With People Club, which is a $25 a month mentoring program that reinforces key objectives, inspires more complete employee engagement and pushes leaders to take consistent action resulting in new growth and profits.

About Success with People

Success With People, Inc. (http://www.successwithpeople.com) offers coaching, consulting, assessments and services focused on helping entrepreneurs, managers and business owners manage people and priorities more effectively. Our quick to learn, easy-to-use system helps you build stronger, more productive relationships with employees that enable you achieve greater success. The Success With People Club offers custom-produced monthly Leadership Coaching CD’s and on-call help for you to become the effective leader you need to be.

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