Digital Collectibles - the New Investment Vehicle for Generation Y

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A new patent filed by MTOMIC.COM is set to apply wear and tear to digital content and make it harder to come by - all in the name of making it collectible, valuable and tradable.

A new patent filed by Australian-owned MTOMIC.COM ( is set to apply wear and tear to digital content and make it harder to come by - all in the name of making it collectible, valuable and tradable.

The patent applies scarcity and physical wear and tear to digital items, including both usage stress (such as dead pixels and dropped notes) and location-based environmental stress (such as icing up, burnt edges and layered sound effects). The combination of an item's scarcity and condition is designed to drive demand and price.

CEO Danielle Lehrer says, "Our Digital Collectibility patent applies the same criteria used to value traditional collectibles to digital content, in the process creating Digital Assets. The notion of Collectible Content plays to our urges to socialise, compete and show off. It brings the excitement of owning something rare, something that your peers value, into the digital era.

"By turning digital content into Collectible Assets MTOMIC.COM is changing its value proposition from 'nice-to-have' to 'MUST-have'."

MTOMIC will collaborate with content producers and aggregators looking to increase the product lifecycle of typically short-lived chart busters and also generate revenue from previously unpublished back-catalogue items by creating Collectible Series that can be collected and traded. Content owners will receive ongoing trading royalties each time their registered item is traded.

While the company believes that Digital Collectibles will initially appeal to a range of content consumers (from mobile owners who want true personalisation, to gamers and treasure-hunters), their medium term strategy is to promote digital collectibles as an asset class for Generations X and Y as well as investor/ traders with an interest in technology.

"MTOMIC.COM will create a trading marketplace for Digital Assets, making Digital Collectibles an opportunity for investor/traders too," said Ms Lehrer. "We envisage auctions of rare digital items or key items in a collectible series, or even items featuring popular or unusual wear & tear effects, driving bidding wars typical of share trading and popular eBay listings."

The team's patent attorney Dr Chris Carter of Davies Collison Cave confirmed the patent filing and said, "The recent filing is the first step in MTOMIC's IP strategy to create value around digital assets and own Digital Collectibility worldwide."

MTOMIC.COM has a mobile content trading application in production that will enable collectors and traders to buy and sell a wide variety of digital items including rare screensavers, ringtones, music, games and massive multiplayer game items via their mobile phone and any other internet connected device.


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