Ileostomy Surgery Expert Honored By Brotman Medical Center: BCIR Surgeon Dr. Don Schiller Recognized for 17-Year Commitment to Life-Changing Medical Procedure

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Ileostomy surgery expert Don J. Schiller, M.D., who helped pioneer a life-changing surgical procedure that allows Brooke ostomates to live life without 'a bag' is being honored this month by Los Angeles-based Brotman Medical Center. Schiller began performing the BCIR 17 years ago. Brotman Medical Center is ranked among the nation's top 5% of hospitals for Overall Clinical Excellenceâ„¢.

Ileostomy surgery expert Dr. Don J. Schiller began changing patients' lives in 1989, with an innovative surgical procedure that enables Brooke ostomates to live life without 'a bag'.

For this 17-year commitment to achievement, this month Los Angeles' Brotman Medical Center is honoring Schiller, who has performed the BCIR for hundreds of patients - many who thought they would wear an external appliance for the rest of their lives.

Schiller has performed the little-known surgical procedure continuously, longer than any physician in the United States. He has practiced medicine for more than 30 years.

BCIR is an abbreviation for the Barnett continent intestinal reservoir, named for William O. Barnett, the American doctor who originated the procedure in the 1980s. The operation creates a self-sealing internal pouch that temporarily stores waste without wearing a bag or other external appliance. The surgery evolved from the Koch pouch procedure developed more than 35 years ago.

"Only a handful of physicians in the United States perform this extraordinary operation," said Howard Levine, Brotman Medical Center CEO. Levine says Schiller's work is not confined to the southern California area.

"Dr. Schiller performs the BCIR on men and women from all points on the globe. We are grateful he has made Brotman Medical Center his professional home and that we can offer his unique medical services to patients around the world."

Schiller's surgical field is unique among medical specialties, says Levine. "With every patient he serves, Dr. Schiller makes a long-term personal commitment. He develops a relationship with his patients. They love him for it, because once they have a BCIR they experience a quality of freedom they never thought possible. They're relieved of pain, they eat what everyone else eats, they go where they want to go and do what they want to do - in short, they live a normal life they once thought was outside their reach."

Levine says most patients are treated with a vertical care model. A diseased organ is removed or repaired, and the patient recovers with no need to see the surgeon again. "In Dr. Schiller's case, BCIR patients get longitudinal care. He is available long after their discharge from the hospital. They know he is literally a phone call away."

Levine says Schiller's award-winning continent ostomy program is among more than two dozen exceptional health and wellness services available at Brotman Medical Center, a 420-bed facility that has undergone a recent revitalization and is ranked among the nation's top 5% of hospitals for Overall Clinical Excellenceâ„¢. The medical center was established 75 years ago in Culver City.

For more information about Don Schiller, M.D., and BCIR ileostomy surgery, call him at the Ileostomy Surgery Information Center at (310) 204-4565 and visit

About Dr. Schiller -

Don J. Schiller, M.D., FACS, is an authority on BCIR ileostomy surgery. He has operated on hundreds of ileostomy patients during his 30-year career. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and was certified by the American Board of Surgery in 1977. He received his M.D. degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and did surgical training at UCLA in Los Angeles.

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