Offers an Income Opportunity to Anyone with a Camcorder

Share Article has just prelaunched with its Video Maker administration center allowing Video Makers to start building their VideoCage presence ready for its New Year Big Bang full launch. aims to become the "YouTube" of "useful and informative" as well as entertaining video content. has just prelaunched with its Video Maker administration center.'s goal is to change the way people view internet video. Currently the big video sites like MySpace and YouTube are great for video content with an "entertainment" theme.

VideoCage's aim is to bring video content to the world that users find to be, above all else, "useful."

Wouldn't it be great to watch a cooking demonstration rather than try to interpret a recipe?

The same goes for any other subject matter, travel, home and vehicle maintenance, art, IT. Videocage will eventually become a virtual library of "how to," "where to" and any other kind of instructional videos. It also expects a large range of movie shorts and documentaries as well.

The type of video content that VideoCage will host won't be the only thing that differentiates it from the rest. The biggest difference will be that video producers will be able to charge viewers for access to their videos.

"This is what I believe the internet has been missing until now, a reason for people with any kind of specialist knowledge or skill to share it with the rest of us," says Trevor Cryer, Managing Director of Web Geek Enterprises Ltd, the British web site development company behind the project. "I am sure that being able to generate an ongoing residual income from working just once will be the 'take action' tipping point for 1000's of amateurs and professionals in any field who have considered what their knowledge is worth."

Video Makers get to choose what to charge for their videos so the range is expected to be huge.

Given this commercial opportunity the site expects a lot of attention from film students who could easily use the site to raise funds for future projects or just pay for existing ones.

"Although the obvious type of Video Maker will be someone with an easily identifiable skill or 'know how,' I think that as the site grows so will the range of people opting to cash in on the sites facility to generate a second income. When you think about it anyone has something that they can share on video and that has a commercial value. Take your home town for example, anyone think about moving into your area from a distance would no doubt be prepared to pay for a video tour of each district within the town or city. The list of similar 'everyman' options is massive," says Cryer. "…of course if you cant think of anything, pick up your video camera and do a deal with someone else who you know does have something of value to share." is currently in pre-launch mode but the Video Makers section is now completed. As such Video Producers can add a profile, upload videos and set prices to build their VideoCage presence, ready for its Big Bang Full Launch in the New Year.


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