New Book Offers Radical Change for Real Estate Industry Thinking

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New manual provides refreshing methods of acquiring land without the down payment and getting it paid for quickly. Also includes information for producing fast profits with raw land. These new land techniques will greatly affect the real estate industry.

A new manual has been introduced by Huey Walsh that could have a dramatic affect on the way people look at land.

Until now, it was generally accepted that land was hard to get financed and that it offered little or no chance for producing fast income. Now with some new thoughts and techniques explained in this intriguing book, interested people can realize methods for finding land before it goes on the market, as well as how to acquire it without the down payment.

Also, methods are explained that allow a person to overcome the age old problem of getting land financed. In the past, in order to buy a tract of land, a person was required to put forth much effort in arranging financing for the tract. And when a person found financing, it normally required that he or she provide the down payment of many thousands of dollars. Now, utilizing very simple techniques that Mr. Walsh developed, these obstacles can be overcome quite easily.

And even though most real estate professionals have the opinion that land is just a cost, with no possibility of fast profits, Mr. Walsh has proven otherwise. So, he has launched a campaign to educate Real Estate Agents on how to effectively work with land. Most real estate professionals constantly drive past tracts of land, with the potential of enormous profits, while chasing the commission on a house.

Mr. Walsh has been involved in real estate for over 30 years in almost every area of real estate, and finally realized that he was overlooking possibly the easiest and most lucrative area of real estate. While building houses, he became involved with land and his initial efforts for acquiring land were the generally accepted methods of going to a bank and going through the grilling task of arranging a large loan. Then he would sit on the tract hoping it would inflate in value, or he would make major improvements in order to increase its value, neither of which was acceptable as they did not cover the payments at the bank.

Invariably, when Mr. Walsh got a large loan at a bank and made improvements such as paving streets, he went from one financial crisis to the next. Finally he figured out ways to acquire land, even the "cash only" transactions, without having to visit the banks at all. He devised a simplified method of working with land in a manner that no bank loans are required and a person can operate with virtually no financial risk.

The LandSecrets manual provides a general "education in land" and teaches how to find land before it goes on the market for best prices and how to acquire it without the down payment. Complete discussions are also available explaining techniques Huey devised for increasing the value of land quickly and for producing profits very quickly.

And for the person who is not interested in producing income but simply wants to acquire land for their family "mini farm," the methods are explained. Many families desire acreage for their family before their children grow up but most have thought that they did not have the financial means to accomplish a purchase. Now the techniques are explained to make the "mini farm" possible.

The land manual offers a radical change to the way people look at land as it also details methods of getting land paid for quickly ... in a matter of months. Once again the manual explains a characteristic of land that the general thinking is "it is not possible."

Walsh's book and his techniques provide the average person the knowledge they need to acquire the land they have desired. Plus it provides information for Real Estate Agents to be able to provide better service for their clients, as well as earn much more income personally.

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