Business Coach and Life Coach Consultants Can Earn CEO Level Income

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Former Corporate Executives Achieve Financial Success Today By Helping Others To Achieve Their Own Personal And Financial Goals While Earning CEO-Level Potential Income as a Professional Business Coach and Life Coach.

and to prove it to myself, I took a leap of faith from the safety and limitations I knew in my own corporate world.

Business Coach and Life Coach Consultants Can Earn CEO Level Income and achieve financial success by helping others to achieve their own personal and financial goals. Your Fresh Career has added a new dimension to the word success in corporate America.

Real success means CEO compensation -- and more -- along with the time to enjoy it; no more trading time for money. Today these Business and Life Coaches have real financial independence and the freedom to live the way that they want. They spend time with family, travel, pursue hobbies and volunteer in their communities, while working only 20 to 25 hours per week.

Visit Your Fresh Career today, to learn how to transform the traditional business model whether you are a corporate executive, or have an entrepreneurial spirit because the new focus is on helping others -- first - to achieve their own personal and financial goals, and success results in an amazing transformation in your own life while you have the potential to earn CEO-Level income.

"This is a concept that I always believed in," said Gary Smith, Business Coach, "and to prove it to myself, I took a leap of faith from the safety and limitations I knew in my own corporate world." Today, Gary Smith is also a Life Coach and he has helped business people from sales, banking, and other professional careers to a transformation that resulted in a new found financial independence and personal freedom that is unlike anything they ever imagined.

Your Fresh Career offers real success and CEO-Level income potential, and more because you also have the time to enjoy your life and your family instead of working 60 to 70 hours a week. Today, a Business Coach and a Life Coach like Gary Smith has the independence, and the freedom to live the way he wants to live, and Gary wants you too -- to enjoy the freedom and have the time to spend with your family, the time to travel, pursue hobbies, volunteer in your own community while you work between 20 -- 25 hours a week.

How do you become a Business Coach or a Life Coach? How easy is it to take advantage of this business opportunity, and become a true business consultant and what produces these life-changing financial and personal rewards?

Your Fresh Career is a step-by-step, direct sales internet network marketing system, not multi-level-marketing. This unique business system supports individual business owners in earning large commissions by selling well-established personal development products, say Smith. "And the key to success for those entrepreneurs I work with is that they "walk their talk" in the world of personal development. They must believe in the personal development and empowerment that the products teach which is reflected in their results and in their own personal lives.

Gary Smith is a former COO and CEO of national companies in the contract and distribution industries, and now the founder and President of Smith Enterprises. Smith says "When I was in the traditional corporate world, I believed that earning a six-digit income was life's greatest reward. Now I have learned that helping others achieve their goals, both personal and financial, has transformed my own life, and continues to increase my understanding of life's rewards."

"Not only have I achieved even greater financial success than I did in the corporate world, but I also have the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping other to help themselves. I have worked with sales consultants, sales executives, sales pros, and more importantly, I have worked with people who have no sales experience and they too have achieved the success they were seeking in their own personal lives."

"Yes, they too will reach the levels that I am reaching."

"I remember when I made my first $21,000 from this system of personal development, and that was 8 weeks into the program. Once I took the first step in that which I had always believed, success came quickly as it took me 8 days to earn that first $21000, and I still had the time to take my 12 year old daughter to school; cooked supper for my family, and spent an afternoon on the golf course."

"I would never have been able to enjoy that lifestyle in the traditional corporate environment. I made the choice to become Business Coach and a now a Life Coach at the age of 42, and I was able to transform my life."

"It just gets better every day." Visit Your Fresh Career at and meet Gary Smith right now. "Meet me, and allow me to introduce you to others like yourself who may have experience in direct sales, network marketing, or a professional career such as an attorney or college professor who will tell you that the unmatched success of this network direct marketing business system is based upon a team of individual leaders, like-minded entrepreneurs who want to serve -- we say "servant hearted" -- who are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. They are transforming their own lives, and the lives of others.

They are achieving real success, and living their dreams so visit for complete details, and to see whether or not you are ready to transform your life to freedom and CEO-Level financial success.

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