Consumers Need Not Wait for Resveratrol to be Approved as a Drug

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Research-grade resveratrol capsules are available and consumers need not wait for red wine pills to become a drug to obtain a high-quality dietary supplement. Responding to consumer demand, Longevinex® introduces a premium higher-dosage resveratrol capsule.

While the demand for red wine resveratrol pills has heightened with the recent publication of a report showing resveratrol overcame the adverse effects of a high-fat diet in animals, many consumers question the quality of red wine resveratrol pills and believe that many brands provide less than the labeled amount of resveratrol and others provide only grape skin powder, not resveratrol. Some doctors and pharmacists are suggesting consumers wait till resveratrol becomes a prescription drug, an approval process that takes seven years or more.

However, consumers do not need to wait for resveratrol to be approved as a doctor-dispensed medicine to obtain reliable dosages of this natural molecule, says Bill Sardi, president of Resveratrol Partners LLC, maker of Longevinex® capsules, the premium red wine resveratrol supplement.

Environmental factors may degrade resveratrol.* Longevinex uses a proprietary process to protect its ingredients from degradation is the only resveratrol dietary supplement that is encapsulated without exposure to light, heat or oxygen and sealed in an airtight, opaque capsule (Licaps®, Capsugel®, trademarks used under license). Resveratrol in Longevinex® capsules has been shown to be stable for more than 2 years, retaining 96% or more of its potency. (Independent lab report)

Another independent laboratory test confirms that Longevinex® activates the Sirtuin 1 DNA-repair "survival" gene as well as research-grade resveratrol. With evidence that the inclusion of an accompanying antioxidant increases activation of the Sirtuin 1 gene,** Longevinex also includes IP6 rice bran, a powerful antioxidant.

Because of a consumer demand for higher-dose supplements, the dosage of resveratrol in Longevinex® has now been increased from 40 to 100 milligrams per capsule.

To match the dosage found to be effective in the animal experiment published in Nature Magazine, 180 milligrams daily dose of trans resveratrol is suggested for a 160-pound adult human. Resveratrol capsules should be consumed with meals, says Bill Sardi, because that is when the French drink their red wine. The French exhibit superior cardiovascular health because of resveratrol in their red wine.

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References: *Chinese Journal Chromatography (Se Pu) 22:583-8, 2004; J Agriculture Food Chemistry 51:5867-70, 2003; Journal Chromatography A. November 30, 2006; Czech Journal of Food Sciences 22, 166-68, 2004; **Mechanisms Aging Development 127: 618-27, 2006.

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