Controversy Strikes Well-known Diet Books

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A Miami-lawyer, Miguel "Dr. Mickey" Suarez has published an e-book that challenges bestselling authors, such as The South Beach Diet. Dr. Mickey claims that three of the commented diet books are Dr. Atkins's younger siblings, and some menus (printed in The South Beach Diet and Sugar Busters! will force dieters to gain weight. The e-book touts The Mijas-Diet--generous in the best proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, healthy fats (including salmon and olive oil), and different red wines. It proscribes sugar and TFA (trans fatty acids).

Miguel "Dr. Mickey" Suarez (a South Florida lawyer) has just published on-line Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet. MIJAS is pronounced --me*has, not my*jazz.

This e-book is an encyclopedia of diet-health. It "comments" on five diet books: Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution; The South Beach Diet; Eat More, Weigh Less; Sugar Busters!; and Protein Power. It "features" two other books: Living the Low Carb Life and Dine Out and Weigh Less. Dr. Mickey's e-book helps a dieter comprehend the maze of diets.

The Mijas-Diet is a "low-carb" diet that highlights the "trio-of-foods" (the best proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, and healthy fats (including fatty fishes and olive oil)) plus generous amounts of different red wines. The diet is named after a quaint Spanish "white village" in the mountains of Andalusia. (The author visits the village frequently; he calls it: "A balcony on the Med-Sea.") You can visit Mijas Pueblo at:

Dr. Mickey's e-book is easy to read. It is not technical. It is practical. It is controversial in its treatment of other diet-menus and authors. He calls some of them "Dr. Atkins's younger siblings." The e-book highlights the author's many experiences on The Mijas-Diet--he lost 29-pounds in just sixteen months, but gained weight when he made mistakes. He claims that by losing weight he gained better health (his medical tests prove it). The e-book tells you how-to control insulin secretion and how-to release fat-busting glucagon. "Just follow the delicious diet," says Dr. Mickey.

What is special about the diet? The amount of red wine consumption. The generous use of olive oil. The diet follows the French Paradox (heart disease in France is lower than in the USA). "My heart is solid," says Dr. Mickey.

Critically, this e-book examines some diet menus (published in the commented books) that, according to Dr. Mickey, cause a dieter to stop losing weight or to gain weight. Dr. Mickey asserts, "If you follow The Mijas-Diet, you will learn how-to lose weight and gain better health while enjoying the best foods available, different olive oils, and healthy red wines." He asserts that the diet is heart-healthy (his own medical test results, published in the e-book, prove it).

Miguel is a Miami-lawyer (not a medical doctor). He uses "Dr. Mickey" because he has two Doctor of Law degrees (one from Cuba and another from the University of Miami). He practices in Miami, Florida (USA).

Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet can be downloaded (for a price) at:


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