New Children's Music Company Bingo Records Says: Don't Feed Kids Junk Music! Raise Them on Classics

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Finally, children's music that won't rot your teeth.

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Did you ever get one of those sickly sweet, children's sing-along songs stuck in your head for the day? It makes it nearly impossible to function as a self-respecting adult with "It's A Small World After All," or "If You're Happy And You Know It" cycling through your brain over and over again. But it could be worse. You could be held hostage to that purple dinosaur song:

"I Love You, You Love Me,

Leave My Head Or I Will Scream"

Does it make you a bad parent if you want to trash those CDs or chuck the TV out of the window when those "junk" songs come on? No. It just means that you would prefer it if your kids could groove to a better brand of music. Maybe a groovy Beatles number or a boppin' Motown hit. Yeah, right. Like that's ever going to happen. But it has.

Bingo Records, a new children's entertainment company based in Philadelphia, has been founded by Ric Cohen and Michael Silver, two fathers with the goal of getting their children to appreciate the classics, pop classics that is. In order to accomplish their goal, Cohen and Silver (both attorneys who have specialized in the record business) have taken well-known and time-tested songs that grown-ups already love, and remade them in a totally kid-friendly way.

Bingo's motto is "Don't Feed Kids Junk Music," and to that end, they've released several albums that will get you and your kids rockin' to a high-quality beat rarely found in children's music:

The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids - Kids and grown-ups will love this amazing children's music CD of great Beatles songs authentically reproduced note for note with the joyous sounds of talented kids singing the lyrics. A great way to introduce your kids to the magic of The Beatles. 15 Songs, including: She Loves You, All You Need Is Love, Penny Lane, When I'm 64, Hello, Goodbye and more. (This debut CD from Bingo Records was introduced earlier this year.)

The Bingo Kids Sing Motown Hits For Kids - Bop and bounce to the infectious rhythms and classic tunes of the Motown sound. "The music sounds just like the originals and the kids are great." says Temptations guitarist Bill Neale. 15 Songs, including: Ain't No Mountain, My Girl, Dancing In the Street, What's Going On, You Can't Hurry Love and more. More fantastic fun with kid's music for the entire family.

The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles Hits For Kids Volume 2 - The follow-up to Bingo's first, great Beatles CD. As one radio DJ said: "This is a production George Martin [The Beatles' producer] would be proud of!" 15 more new recordings to rediscover the magic of The Beatles, including: Help!, Can't Buy Me Love, Drive My Car, We Can Work It Out and more.

Smart Beats Volume One - Educational Hip Hop Songs For Kids - A fantastic collection of cool songs that are melodic, gentle, imaginative and innovative. Fun songs about recycling, dinosaurs, coloring, geography, play time and more. Appropriate for all ages. The creation of Berklee College of Music graduate, Josh Nadel, and featuring some of the best musicians from r&b and hip-hop.

Yoga Child - A Peaceful Place Inside - A mixture of voice and music will calm and center children while teaching them gentle exercise, breathing techniques and beginner yoga stretches. 19 interludes expertly designed by renowned children's yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Child Studios, Gail Silver. Fun and imaginative songs include The Powerful Train, 3-2-1 Blast Off!, Still As A Starfish, Magic Clouds and more.

All Bingo Records CDs are packaged in eco-friendly and "kid-resistant" digipaks, so there's no plastic jewel case to break and pick up!

Cohen and Silver founded Bingo because as parents and music lovers they were appalled by the glut of poorly produced children's music that most of the bigger companies just seem to crank out without a conscience: lots of cheap sounding dumbed-down recordings. "Kids music doesn't have to be annoying for adults or insulting to children. Kids deserve the best, not junk," says Cohen. "And while silly songs can be fun, listening over and over to those is enough to drive most adults crazy," adds Silver.

And in order to help make the music sound genuine and familiar with parents, everything in Bingo's recordings is produced to world-class standards. Bingo uses vintage instruments and equipment and period-accurate production techniques. Then their own group of Bingo Kids, carefully selected talented young Philadelphians, sing faithfully orchestrated vocal parts to give these one-of-a-kind collections of children's music the joyous sound that other kids love to hear.

Sharing music is among the best ways to nurture, bond and share time with children. So Bingo offers some of the best music CDs available for kids of all ages. And that's not some empty marketing hype. To date, the company has received hundreds of testimonials praising its accomplishments. Here are a couple:

"We keep one CD in the car and one in the living room. My kids have gone crazy for them, and every time someone comes over - from the babysitter to the UPS guy - they yell, Put the CD on! Now if I can just get them to stop jumping on the couches when it plays :)…"-Susan Dunk, Founder & CEO of Toddler Coddler and Parent

"We have traditionally not sold music, but our test with Bingo Records turned into a huge success story. Since then, it has been consistently been one of our fastest turning accessories. We play the music in our stores and the product literally sells itself. Our customers have been so pleased with their purchase that they are eagerly awaiting new additions to the line."

-Jennifer McSherry, Director of Merchandising Olly Shoes

According to Cohen, "We're very proud to offer CDs of exceptional quality that can be enjoyed by children and also appreciated by their parents. One of our eight year old fans told us that our versions of Beatles and Motown songs were inspiring to her, and that she felt happy whenever she listened to them. And her mom was thrilled because otherwise her daughter may never have discovered these timeless, special tunes until she was much older." Silver adds, "We have the utmost respect for the original recordings, and our hope is when the kids are older they will naturally gravitate to the real thing. But for young kids, our recordings are much more appealing to them, and they are the perfect way to introduce children to the magic of these great artists."

In addition to knowing that you're giving your children a solid musical foundation, the great thing about listening to Bingo Record's CDs is that you won't need to go brush your teeth afterwards to wash away the junk. In fact, you might even find yourself listening to these CDs even when the kids aren't around! Plus, if one of these songs gets stuck in your head you'll only want to scream if it's "Twist And Shout."

For more information, testimonials or to hear a few tasty bars of their songs, visit the Bingo Records website at

Bingo Records CDs can be purchased safely, securely and conveniently on line. CDs purchased directly from also come with a free toy inflatable guitar gift.

Bingo Records CDs are also available at and and at selected specialty retail stores and digital download sites.

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