GICE Life Sciences Ltd, NZ Launches the World's First Bio-Tech Transport Delivery System

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Dr. Stephen T. Chen, PhD., ambassador of PATMOS Global Greater China and CEO of GICE Life Sciences Ltd (NZ), has received and notarized its crucial Bio IP Compounds from its Bio CO partners as part of its global acquisition path. These Bio IP Compounds are the foundational keys that have gone into creating and formulating its "New" Bio-Tech Transport Delivery System.

GICE Life Sciences Ltd, (NZ) announced today that its seven-year incubation and positioning strategy to enter into the lucrative Bio-Tech Domain has now arrived.

Dr. Stephen T. Chen, PhD, ambassador of PATMOS Global Greater China and CEO of GICE Life Sciences Ltd (NZ), confirmed that the company had received and notarized the crucial Bio IP Compounds from its Bio CO partners and associates as part of its global acquisition into this new and exciting industry.

These Bio IP Compounds feature cutting edge research design and manufacture protocols are the foundational keys that have gone into creating and formulating its "New" Bio-Tech Transport Delivery System.

In a recent debate with other keynote scientists, Dr. Chen made no apologies when he said "GICE Life Science Ltd (NZ) now own the crucial building blocks needed to SEQUENCE and CREATE the Bio-Tech Infrastructure, that is crucial if we are to usher in new and exciting Bio-Tech products and technologies to a very discerning volatile and demanding market." He goes on to say that "many of the life threatening disease and viruses, cancers and unknown conditions are now treatable, and over time will be curable but we must remind ourselves that the primary objective of the Bio-Tech domain is reproducing and repairing those chemical signatures that provide the body's BALANCE and in doing so activate a whole host of wellness and health options."

He concludes somewhat philosophically by saying, "the Bio-Tech industry is the, arguably, the next "global phenomenon." All of us want a better life; the question is how do we get it? or from Dr. Chen's perspective, "how will it arrive?"

He continues by saying, "Our new Bio-Tech Transport Delivery System will provide a unique solution. From the emotive to the realist, from the philosophical to the agnostic, from the spiritual to the non believer. Dare I say, it will be the only system that will offer a simple solution to global COMMUNITIES regardless of their geographical location, financial position, cultural origin and of course one's spiritual belief. The phrase 'Access Denied' will be a cliché of the past, for now you will be able to participate, invest, partner and direct outcomes that historically were only available to the mega wealthy or select few. From now on, it will be accessible, available and affordable to all."

Outcomes that now focus on promoting wellness, healthy living and better lifestyle are now the preferred option of a new world generation that is desperate for a return to a better way to exist on the planet, a better lifestyle rather then spiraling into the abyss of fear, depression and ill health. What would you rather have?

So when Dr. Chen was asked why, his response was simple and profound.

"Because my spirit says we CAN! And we MUST!"

Is there more to this then people are being told by Dr Chen? It seems too easy, too simple.

Perhaps the most prudent point to note is that Dr. Chen states unequivocally that each person has a social and human responsibility to each other as human beings, regardless of race, creed or color, and if we are to preserve life, and live life to the fullest, as it was intended by the Creator, then people must rigorously seek to understand the very essence of life itself. As we take this leap into the very arteries of life, he realizes he will encounter prejudice, moral dilemmas, social outcries, cultural and traditional dilution and so on. But the Bio-Tech Transport Delivery System mirrors the body's transport system, and whilst a new paradigm shift is required to enjoy the full benefits, Dr. Chen also realizes it will evoke a provocative debate in the medical, scientific and political arenas alike. However, in the final analysis, it will be "living" and a "better lifestyle" that can now be enjoyed by everyone. That will have the final say ...

Dr. Chen says we have discovered some of those mysteries to a better life, and they will be made available and revealed over time through the network of PATMOS GLOBAL Partners. Dr. Chen confirms that "Lords of the Land, Australia" under its PATMOS Covenant Agreement of global partners, is the "licensed entity" responsible for the Bio-Transport Delivery System for an on behalf of GICE Life Sciences Ltd (NZ) and all enquiries are to be directed accordingly.

The Bio-Tech phenomenon is really a wake up call to all people, indicating that people need to enjoy life, not destroy it.

Dr. Chen leaves no doubt that his Bio-Tech Transport Delivery System will be the heart of this new global phenomenon. It will be the prime mover with a clear message.

It simply says "its your right to enjoy the life you were given and its our company's right, to help you do that! Enjoy!"


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