'Get Off the Caffeine!' Doctor-recommended Healthy Coffee and Tea for Patients that can No Longer Have Caffeine in their Diets Now Available in North America

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Join over 2.2 million people worldwide that have switched from caffeinated coffee and tea to the world's first healthy alternatives. Introducing the world's first healthy coffee and healthy tea. Less caffeine than decaf but 50 times more powerful than Ginseng! Able to energize you with a single cup! 115 antioxidants in every cup. Try it today with a 30-day money back guarantee at http://www.cupofmoney.com.

Cupofmoney.com announced today that with the introduction of their new line of healthy coffee and tea, doctors and health professionals across North America are now recommending these products to their patents that can no longer have caffeine in their diets.

Every year millions of North Americans make a trip to their family doctors for their yearly check-up and every year, their doctor recommends the same things "Exercise and eat right!"

But every year millions of people hear something different.

"I've got some bad news" says the doctor, "You're going to have to cut caffeine out of your diet."

Gulp! Cut out caffeine? Does that mean no more coffee? Are you insane?

Over 70% of North Americans can't even think about starting their day without their favorite "Cup of Joe". A cup of coffee first thing in the morning just starts the day off right. In fact, over 500 million cups of coffee are served daily in North America alone.

So what do you do when the Doctor puts down the iron gauntlet and says "No more Caffeine?"

Thank goodness for Gano Excel. A 12-year old Malaysian company, with offices in 28 countries, that has just recently brought its line of healthy coffee, tea, mocha and hot chocolate to the shores of North America.

Healthy Coffee? What makes it so healthy? And does it have caffeine?

What makes this coffee so unique is that it contains the active ingredients from a red mushroom called Reishi, also known as Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma has history dating back in the Oriental culture for over 4000 years and is known as "The Elixir of Youth" and "The Herb of Immortality".

Gano Excel is the world's largest cultivator of this red mushroom and supplies a line of nutraceuticals, personal care items, as well as a line of healthy beverages that are all infused with this ancient herb, referred to as "The King of Herbs".

When Reishi is combined with coffee it boasts 115 antioxidants in every cup and with 50 times more power than Ginseng it provides a serious lift in energy that coffee drinkers look for, but without the caffeine jitters. The Reishi actually neutralizes the caffeine in each cup giving it less caffeine than decaf. The added bonus is that Reishi provides increased energy, vigor and dramatically boosts the immune system.

So the next time your Doctor says "I have some bad news….no more caffeine!" simply smile and say "Thanks Doc. But I've switched to a healthier choice; healthy coffee from Gano Excel."

Gano Excel products are available online with a 30 day money back guarantee at http://www.cupofmoney.com and are available exclusively through independent distributors. For more information about this amazing line of products: contact Darren Little at 604-771-1901.

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