Holiday Gifts, Quality Silver and Gold Collectible Christian Message Medallions

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Christian Heritage Mint launches its Network Marketing Division. Distributing their products with a commitment to provide only the highest quality in collectible silver and gold Message Medallions all made right here in the USA.

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Christian Heritage Mint launches its Network Marketing Division and is offering, just in time for the holidays, quality silver and gold collectible Christian Message Medallions.

What is it about silver and gold?

Let's face it, silver is silver and gold is gold. Gold and silver are special. They have both been around since the beginning of recorded history and have been used as the ultimate medium and barometer of barter and exchange in virtually every recorded civilized culture on earth. And they still are today.

Historically and biblically speaking silver and gold were a big deal. Considering that they are both first mentioned in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and then mentioned further over 400 times together and separately, tells us that silver and gold were of no small importance.

The Bible also reveals that wealth and prosperity are a major component in the blessings and inheritance of those who love and serve God, the Creator of silver and gold. Those who call themselves Christians have a biblically and historically based heritage that spans at least 6,000 years. Preserving this heritage is becoming more and more challenging in a land and time where political correctness and revisionist history have full sway.

So what do silver and gold and the Judea-Christian heritage have to do with one another? A lot. When combined, the beautiful and intrinsically valuable commodity of gold and silver along with concrete expressions and declarations of the core values expressed through the Judea-Christian faith offers what is known as Christian Heritage Mint. (HTTP://

Christian Heritage Mint (CHM) has just opened a brand new Direct Sales Marketing Division designed and formed as a vehicle to promote, encourage and express Christian ideals, values, ethics, and opportunity in the marketplace. CHM is making available for wholesale and retail, through fund raisers, direct sales or through traditional business building, specially minted gold and silver collectible coins with key Bible scriptures and appropriate corresponding visual representations.

CHM is for those who simply just love silver and gold, or who are looking for a special, simple way to pass on and share the core values and beliefs of your Christian heritage with family and friends, or want to start their own home based business and perhaps actually get out of debt and begin walking in a greater level of wealth and prosperity - whatever the motivation, Christian Heritage Mint is there to fill that desire. Visit: HTTP://

CHM also affords an excellent vehicle for Ministry Fund Raising:


Also offering: HTTP://


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