Lerdell Investigations Introduces New Services for Web Surveillance

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Lerdell Investigations introduces for the first time on the European market a set of services empowering both corporations and organizations to handle opportunities and threats related to the Internet; Internet Investigations raise your awareness of what is going on on the Internet, Internet Communications spread your preferred message and confronts disinformation, Worldwide Investigations finds adequate information in 80 something different languages.

Today the Internet affects all companies and organizations. The flow of information originates partly from the communication between established actors, partly from more or less open parts of the Internet that can be difficult to reach, such as discussion forums and web logs.

On these richer parts of the web well-informed people meet and discuss matters long before an event or a phenomenon has been shaped into prefabricated press releases or features. And it is also here that less scrupulous persons and organizations spread rumours and disinformation about their competitors.

Lerdell Investigations introduces for the first time on the European market a set of services empowering both corporations and organizations to handle opportunities and threats relating to the Internet.

  • Using our service Internet Investigations we help raising our clients' awareness of what is going on on the Internet; about their own organization, their competitors and their surrounding world.
  • We aid our clients in spreading their preferred message and to confront disinformation by using our service Internet Communications.
  • Through our custom-made service Worldwide Investigations we help our clients to find adequate information in 80 something different languages.

INTERNET INVESTIGATIONS - Obtaining Information from the Internet

Lerdell Investigations captures information on their clients' surrounding world and provides insight as soon as something changes, in order to manage their situation in a strategically sound way.

By using our service Internet Investigations our clients complete their regular Business Intelligence activities with market leading Internet surveillance, analysis and advice.

INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS - We Spread Your Message on the Internet

The Internet provides a number of different marketing channels. Apart from your own web site the importance of chat rooms, communities and web logs is increasing in order to drive sales, rouse opinion or build your own trademark. The web offers great communicative potential for both long-term public relations and more immediate "buzz".

Lerdell Investigations has got the tools for identifying the optimal channels and the know-how to formulate the message in order to attain the best possible result on the Internet.

WORLDWIDE INVESTIGATIONS - We Make the Global Internet Available To You

Due to the global character of the Internet it is possible to capture information about competitors, customers and partners from everywhere. Many companies are growing in markets where the primary language is not English, but Spanish, Mandarin or any other language.

Lerdell Investigations has got the tools to customize the collection, translation and interpretation of information from the worldwide web from and into 80 different languages.

"Unfortunately, many companies and organizations are unaware of the possibilities and threats related to the Internet. Some choose to ignore, others do not know where to go in order to have the Internet monitored. It is therefore gratifying to see how well our services work for our clients and partners," says David Lerdell, founder and CEO of Lerdell Investigations.


Lerdell Investigations AB is a Stockholm-based intelligence corporation focusing on the source that increases the most in importance - the Internet. Lerdell Investigations provides service to large companies, SMEs and governmental agencies.

The company was founded by David Lerdell, who earlier conducted research about the organizing of the Internet at the Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm). Today David conducts research about the Internet for intelligence purposes at the Internet Intelligence Institute, a part of the Association of Internet Researchers. David also arranges workshops and gives talks about the latest developments of the Internet and its significance for companies and organizations. David also runs the Internet Investigations Weblog, http://www.internetinvestigations.se, a bilingual weblog on current Internet-related news and the Rich Web, for intelligence purposes. Presented in English and Swedish in collaboration with the Internet Intelligence Institute.

Please contact our Marketing Director Per Berg (phone +46 8 55 11 08 77) or visit http://www.lerdell.com/press.html for more information.


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