Coastal Vacations Investigations Zero In On Lack Of Support

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Investigations into the Coastal Vacations home based business have reached record numbers. Record numbers have failed to earn a profit and site lack of support for their demise. Members with access to the maximum support of the most successful Coastal Vacations business model are flourishing. Those without maximum support are complaining.

The number of people investigating the Coastal Vacations home based business opportunity has reached record numbers. More and more, the investigations tend to focus on the lack of support some business models provide.

Since the Coastal Vacations Sales Center started to offer their maximum support system to business owners 21 months ago Coastal Vacations sales have skyrocketed. In fact, more people have joined Coastal Vacations in the last 21 months than had joined in the previous 10 years.

The maximum support Coastal Vacations business model is explained in detail at .

Astute home based business owners know that lack of support is a major factor that leads to failure of the overwhelming majority of new home based business start-ups.

Those looking for a successful and profitable home based business are encouraged to complete a thorough investigation of their options before parting with any money.

Not all home based businesses are created equal. The business and business model chosen will be major factors that will help determine if entrepreneurs succeed or fail.

On average, over 95% of all new home based business owners fail to ever make a profit. About 80% of new brick and mortar businesses fail within the first year.

Statistics indicate that starting a successful new business of any kind is not as easy as some sellers of business opportunities would lead the unsuspecting consumer to believe.

As in any other consumer purchase, the caveat is -- buyer beware. Unfortunately, many get excited and just jump on board with the first person that contacts them rather than explore options that would greatly increase their chances of achieving success.

Many don't find more successful business models until after they start to experience failure with inferior business models.

Why do so many fail?

Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Dean Marino has hosted conference calls for the largest, most successful and fastest growing group in the Coastal Vacations program for well over a year. In taking questions from guests he hears the stories of failure from those who tried and failed with the less successful systems each week.

The top level California-based Director was gracious enough to share his findings here in an effort to help others avoid suffering the same fate so many have.

Marino explained that the number one problem most business models have is that they lack adequate support. For example, with the traditional Coastal Vacations business, the primary source of support is the person the new business owner joined with. Some have reported to Marino that after they joined they could not even get that person to return their calls.

Some of the business sellers are so focused on selling more businesses, that they just don't have time to help new members. Others have reported to Marino that help was available as long as they made an appointment to get it 2 days in advance.

Marino has often heard some who sell business opportunities state that they only devote 17 hours a week to their business. The obvious question is -- What if someone needs help after they have completed that 17 hour work week?

Others have reported to Marino that the person who led them into business had left the business altogether -- leaving the new business owners to fend for themselves.

The ultra-successful Coastal Vacations Sales Center provides members with maximum support. Rather that being supported by one individual, Sales Center members can rely on a full time staff to perform a host of services for them. Services they can't get anywhere else.

Marino reports that others fail with less successful business models even though they seem to have the proper support in place.

According to Marino, many people get involved with a direct sales business like the traditional Coastal Vacations business even though they have no experience in sales. Some say that the fact that they would actually need to learn to sell and ask customers for thousands of dollars was not clearly explained.

National polls in the United States show that the overwhelming majority of the population does not know how to sell and they do not even have a desire to learn how to sell. Clearly, if home based business sellers were up front about the skills needed and the hours new business owners would have to spend on the phone each day practicing scripts and improving their sales techniques, they would have few takers for what they offer.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center has made home based business success attainable to average people, not just expert sales people.

A full time staff of account executives handle the bulk of the selling, finalizing sales, and money collection for members. In fact, other staff members at the firm's Tempe Arizona office fulfill orders by shipping new travel membership products on behalf of the independendent business owners.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center is the only system of it's kind. Their amazing success has prompted others to try to copy what they do.

Many potential competitors have already gone out of business, but other start ups may try to sound like they are the same. For those who complete a thorough investigation before joining, there is no comparison.

In addition to the full time staff, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center offers live training calls and a robust training website with over 60 hours of recorded audio and video training. There is even a 122 page manual members can print out.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center hosts several live Q&A calls each week so prospective members can learn more about the business and get their questions answered. A recorded version of the Q&A call is available internationally 24/7.

Unlike the imitators that come and go, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has many safeguards in place to protect their members.

Employees at the Sales Center are not members of Coastal Vacations.

To avoid any conflict of interest issues all employees of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center sign a non-compete agreement.

The full time staff works in an office in Tempe Arizona. Where they are closely supervised by a sales manager on site.

For his personal group members, Dean Marino takes training and support to the next level. He hosts live training calls directed to meet specific needs requested by his members. Marino provides all his members with an invaluable set of training materials to help jump start their business including CD's, a DVD presentation, and several printed marketing samples.

Members who join with Marino boast about the one on one access they have to him. He is available to his group members for personal training and mentoring 7 days a week. Marino says that many of his members are striving to succeed so they can get rid of their regular job.

Marino understands that some members have obligations and may have to work 50 or even 80 hour work weeks like he did before his personal success with Coastal. Marino understands that the only time some members may have available to call him is on Saturday or Sunday and he is happy to help.

Marino offers an invaluable guide to home based business success free of charge. Visitors to his website get the guide and have access to several videos, audio files, facts, figures and examples. There are even comparisons of Coastal Vacations business models. Get the free guide and access to all the information at .


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