New Author Reveals Making Your "Home for the Holidays" Stress Free

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Life Coach Lynn Rasmussen offers brilliant tips for having a truly joyous season

As the holidays draw near, we have shopped, wrapped, attended office parties, children's performances, or crammed for final exams. Lynn Rasmussen, author of Men are Easy: A Simple Guide to Fun, Easy, Sexy and Happy Relationships, has some essential tips for keeping our holiday season joyful and stress free. This year, you can have the best holiday spirit ever as you head home for the holidays.

"No family is perfect," says Life Coach Rasmussen, "Personalities clash. Old resentments and self doubts surface. Whether hosting or visiting, life with family and friends under one roof can be challenging."

Here are 10 tips, Rasmussen says, for making the season with loved ones easier and more jolly:

1.    Keep it simple. If you forget a gift for Aunt Ellen or your sister shows up with a boyfriend, find a gift certificate online or make a promise on a Christmas card. Spend time with your loved ones, not the crowds.

2.    Lighten up. Grandpa drinks too much, your brother is glued to the television, and your aunt keeps forgetting your name. Or maybe you're visiting the in-laws and nothing seems right. Take a deep breath, remember that everyone's doing the best he and she can, and enjoy the parade of personalities.

3.    Hug. Sit a little closer. Put an arm around an older person or a young person. Cuddle the dog if you have to. Get that oxytocin, the love chemical, flowing.

4.    Listen. Let others talk to you. Take the time to find what's special about each person. Give the priceless gift of attention.

5.    Play. Start a puzzle, a board game, or Charades. Roll back the rug and dance. Get down on the floor with the kids.

6.    Remember rituals. Toast the season. Say grace. Make the holiday eggnog. Pull out the old photo albums. Give thanks for being alive and together.

7.    Escape. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Take a bath with bubbles and candles. Stimulate your endorphins (your feel-good chemistry) naturally and then return to the crowd, gracious and relaxed.

8.    Drink water and put your feet up. The air may be dry. The food may be heavier, sweeter, and saltier. Alcohol and caffeine may be flowing. Replenish yourself.

9.    Remember joy. Washing dishes, picking up the living room, and setting the table are opportunities to be together. Put on the music and make it fun.

10. Forgive, forget, and bond. Time flies. The little ones will grow up and the elderly will pass away. This is your chance to build lasting memories.

Rasmussen reminds us that, although it's time to deck the halls, and be joyful, moods cycle up and down during short, dark days, in strange households and in different time zones. Taking care of yourself and focusing on others will pull you out of the downward cycles and help you fulfill the promise of the season.

Men are Easy will be released in March, 2007 and available in bookstores everywhere, to pre-order your copy, go to

For more information on living a simpler and less stressful life, go to . To schedule an interview with Lynn Rasmussen, contact Nanette Noffsinger at 615-776-4230.


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