Shopping with Kids this Holiday Season? Read These Safety Tips from Wander Wear Before You Go

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Child Safety Expert Provides Vital Tips for Holiday Season When Shopping and Traveling with Children in Public Places - Survey Reveals that Children Accidentally Wander Most Frequently at Malls and Stores

Wander Wear Inc. (, a parent-run company focused on education and products that prevent children from getting lost, announces practical, informative tips when shopping this holiday season.

As any parent knows, it only takes the few seconds during a stressful holiday mall visit for your child to wander off while you hand the sales clerk your debit card. It is frightening for both parent and child even if it is only for a few minutes. Wander Wear Inc. has developed the following tips garnered from years of research, survey results, and work with police departments and agencies. The tips are easy for parents to keep children safe this busy holiday season:

1. Make sure each child has your cell phone number on them in a visible, secure place - It is too hard for little ones to remember and find a meeting place in a big mall. Putting your cell number in a visible place makes it easy for someone to contact you to reunite you if you do get separated.

2. Teach children to seek out another mommy if they need help - Mommies are easy to find and are eager to assist. Even children as young as 2 can identify another mommy.

3. Dress kids in bright yellow or green - You'll be able to see them more easily in crowded place. Other people can more easily help you if needed.

4. Carry a recent photo of each of your children - On the back, put the child's height, weight, hair and eye color. Note any distinguishing marks, if they are one of multiples, or if the child has any special needs.

5. Remind children not to wander off; Congratulate them if they do well - You can practice this every time you go out -- whether out to the supermarket or mall -- positive reinforcement is the best teaching tool.

6. If you lose a child, find a store employee immediately - Many stores have a specific lost child procedure. If you suspect the child is in danger, call 911.

7. Celebrate a reunion - Don't yell at the child if they get lost because if it happens again, the child may choose to stay lost -- it's better than being yelled at again.

Wander Wear conducted a survey of parents regarding their experiences with accidental wandering. The survey revealed that parents recall an episode of temporarily losing their child in a mall or store more often than any other venue (45%) - places where droves of families will be visiting this holiday season. The Wander Wear survey also found that most parents don't do anything to prepare themselves or their children for the chance of an accidental wandering incident when they visit a crowded venue such as a mall (43%). Despite expert advice from agencies specializing in child safety to include a safe form of contact information or ID on a child, only 9% of parents indicated that they do this.

Wander Wear CEO and founder, Alyssa Dver, noted, "When a child gets lost, even for a few seconds, parents and children panic and do not think clearly. The child will seldom remember a specific phone number or any other information that can be used to assist them. Typically, the parent runs around screaming the child's name. This not only prevents the parent from hearing the child, but it also broadcasts the child's name and the fact the child is lost to potential nearby child predators. Using our tips, parents can easily educate themselves and their children so they can be reunited quickly and safely."

While holiday shopping is stressful enough, shopping with kids can be the ultimate scary experience. Seven out of ten children will get lost at least once in their lives and parents report that the mall is the most common place1. When a child wanders off, they can be injured, traumatized, or in the worst case, abducted. With so much to think about and do during the busy holiday season, these tips can help give you at least a little peace of mind.

About Wander Wear

Wander Wearâ„¢ Inc.'s ( mission is to prevent children from getting lost. With over 90% of families affected, Wander Wear strives to keep families safe when visiting public places such as malls, amusement parks, beaches and airports. As a parent-run company, Wander Wear offers affordable and easy-to-use accessories and apparel that support expert tips and advice for effective lost child prevention.


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