Here's an Easy Alternative to New Year's Resolutions, Offers "Men are Easy" Author Lynn Rasmussen

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Do you hate New Year's resolutions? This year, resolve not to make any.

Do you resolve to stop eating so much or spending so much and then fail? "I hate New Year's resolutions," says Lynn Rasmussen, author of Men are Easy. "New Year's resolutions require discipline. They fall under the same category as diets and budgets. The moment I tell myself that I should do something, I rebel. I sneak behind my better self and eat that brownie or buy a top that I'll never wear."

Rasmussen, a life coach, has a better approach: Clear the list hanging over your head and chances are that you'll stop mindlessly spending and eating your way through life.

People may think, "Easier said than done." But it's simple.

Rasmussen says to follow these simple steps:

Write down every unfinished task that's been hanging over your head, everything that you are putting off and dealing with. Broken screen, dog's vet appointment, dental appointment, breast exam, messy closet, those pesky bills, insurance needs, thank-you note to an aunt, exercise routine, irritating boss, neighbor's barking dog, traffic ... If you're a typical American, the list can run into the hundreds.

She says this is not a "to do" list, this is an Awareness List. While listing everything may sound like a negative activity, it inspires a process:

1.     You become more aware of and present with your possessions and your life. When you get it on a piece of paper, it's real. It becomes something concrete to deal with.

2.     When the list is rolling around in your head, it takes up too much "brain RAM." Getting it down on paper gives you more brain space.

3.     Even if you put the list away into a drawer and never look at it again, you find yourself naturally clearing things off the list.

4.     As you clear each small thing, you free yourself and you are inspired to do more. Clearing the list feels good. Donating to the thrift shop and holding a garage sale simplifies life. Having less to clean, store, and deal with feels good.

5.     As you become more aware of what you are tolerating in your life, you find that just turning on the TV to escape doesn't work. Instead, you find yourself folding laundry, clearing off bookshelves, sewing on a button, and feeling good about all of it.

6.     With more brain space, the big things on the list don't seem so big any more.

7.     You become more aware of what's coming in to your life and you take care of it before it goes on the list.

8.     You find that you have a relationship with everything. Not just with people, but with your bed, your food, your kitchen, your sofa cushions, your shoes, your files, on and on. You're less needy.

9.     You may not be able to do anything about the traffic or your partner's belches, but as you take care of the other items, then the few you can't control will be no big deal.

10. It's a whole lot easier than the alternatives.

This is not about getting organized or being more disciplined. It's about feeling good when tasks get done, so that getting them done is fun to do. Clearing the list creates a good feeling. It frees people up and simplifies their lives.

For more ways to simplify one's life and relationships, go to or buy Lynn's book on Amazon. "Men are Easy" will be in bookstores nationwide March 2007

To schedule an interview with Ms. Rasmussen, contact Nanette Noffsinger at (615) 776-4230.


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