Finally -- Fitness Made Easy at the Bank or on the Couch

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An evolutionary approach to weight loss and fitness gain. Get fit quick doesn't work any better than get rich quick. Both health and wealth require on-going, consistent attention and focus. provides day-by-day information and inspiration to help you go from flab to fab without depressing diets or marathon workouts. Stay home and get fit in front of the television, or while waiting in line at the bank, or sitting in traffic.

Forks and spoons are dangerous weapons. Obesity kills 300,000 Americans a year according to a Journal of the American Medical Association. The projection is that 200 years of increasing longevity for Americans is about to shift downward for the first time. Diet obsessed for decades, Americans keep getting fatter and fatter.

"We've got a complete home fitness handbook," comments personal development and achievement expert, Rita H. Losee, ScD, RN, author of a groundbreaking fitness plan, "We need to use our silverware less and our arms and legs more, consistently day in, day out. We may not like that reality, but if we want to lose weight and enjoy lifetime fitness we have to accept it. People think it's hard to lose weight; those beliefs are part of the problem. It's about loving yourself, not a fitness for dummy approach. It doesn't require fitness equipment, health club fees, or personal trainers."

The e-book, "How to Lose Fat, Get Fit, and Stay Trim Forever" contains dozens of ways to increase activity and decrease food intake leading to lifetime fitness and long term weight control. The strategies are simple and easy to implement. The downloadable videos demonstrate dozens of fitness moves that can be made as one goes about one's day, without having to dash off to the gym, saving time, stress and money. "Weight loss programs and diet plans don't work; only healthy eating and lifetime fitness actions work," observes Dr. Losee. "Workout routines must fit into our normal way of living or we simply quit."

Losee created Win the Fitness Game while rehabilitating herself from a 5-year battle with Lyme disease, contracted on her 2000 solo through-hike of the Appalachian Trail at age 59. A lifelong self-described "jockette," Losee had previously completed the Hawaii Ironman and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. "It was so very difficult to lose my incredible fitness and see my body get so flabby," she comments. "I created "win the fitness game" moves and was surprised about how well they worked. I know that time-compressed, overstressed folks can use these moves to their health advantage. Little moves and small steps done repeatedly for long periods of time are much more effective at weight control than big, dramatic fitness programs that are too arduous or time-consuming to continue.

"We need to move it to LOSE it! If you can't get off the couch to move, I'll show you how to do 'couchercise.' It's easy and it's fun ... and it works! Exercise and weight control opportunities abound throughout anyone's day. I love showing people how to get the work in without doing a workout."

Dr. Losee adds, "Any woman whose waist is more than 35 inches or a man whose waist is over 40 inches doesn't have any more time to delay. Their life is in danger. I grew up fat and I've been fit; fit is much, much better!" A preview of the fitness videos is available at

Losee, an InspirACTional speaker, can be reached by e-mail or by phone at 207-725-5443.

Rita H. Losee, ScD, RN

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