Russian Kettlebells? Why Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa Used a Mysterious "Cannonball with a Handle" to Get an Edge in his Fight Against the Heavyweight Champion of the World

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Russian kettlebell author and leading kettlebell expert, Pavel Tsatsouline, explains why Rocky turned to kettlebells in his hour of greatest need.

Russian kettlebell author and leading kettlebell expert, Pavel Tsatsouline explains why Rocky turned to kettlebells in his hour of greatest need.

Kettlebells would help give Rocky Balboa the brute punching power he needed to stand a chance in the ring against his younger, faster, stronger opponent

In Sylvester Stallone's new Rocky Balboa movie, Rocky Balboa's trainer advises him that his only chance against the unbeaten heavyweight champion of the world is to develop a devastating punch that can truly punish his far younger opponent.

So we see Rocky condition and toughen himself with a series of brutally unusual workouts, involving massive chains, barrels and the mysterious Russian kettlebell. And without giving away the ending, it is clear that Rocky's choice of training methods was a resounding success.

The Russian kettlebell, which looks like a cannonball with a handle, has long been a favorite strength building tool for Russian martial artists, military and Olympic athletes.

Because of the kettlebell's offset center of gravity and unique design, the kettlebell challenges the body faster and more effectively than traditional weight lifting. The result? Dramatic increases in strength, power, speed and endurance that help even older athletes compete at the highest levels. And for a fighter, the ability to throw more powerful, explosive punches.

Almost completely unknown in this country, kettlebells have now become all the rage thanks to the publication in 2001 of fitness author Pavel Tsatsouline's landmark book The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and his more recent Enter the Kettlebell!

Since 2001, publisher Dragon Door Publications ( and their author Pavel have established a worldwide network of certified kettlebell instructors and spawned a revolution in fitness training for both the serious athlete and weekend warrior alike.

While the fastest-growing segment of the kettlebell market are middle-aged women who are attracted to the kettlebell's uncanny ability to burn off unwanted fat, the most vocal advocates of the kettlebell's benefits have been the martial artists, police, military and professional athletes who experience an immediate upgrade in their real-life physical performance.

The kettlebell has come to symbolize a return to the old school training methods, stressing brute toughness and durability achieved with the simplest of exercise equipment.

Small wonder then, that the savvy Stallone made sure to incorporate this "tough guy's" fitness weapon into Rocky's training regimen.

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