Avoiding Champagne Headaches This New Year's Eve

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Champagne is no doubt an important New Year's Eve tradition, but for many people the bubbly can trigger sudden headaches. Recent breakthroughs in Homeopathic research now point to hot peppers as the potential cure alcohol headaches and the allergies that cause them.

When midnight comes this Sunday, toast 2007 with lots of bubbly and a little Sinus Buster.

This Sunday marks another New Year's Eve celebration, and midnight kicks off perhaps one of the oldest New Year's traditions - the champagne toast. Whether it's launching a ship, or toasting a new marriage, Champagne has always been associated with celebration. Created more than 300 years ago, Champagne continues to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity across the world.

During the past decade, this bubbly fermentation has even made its way into the Hip Hop culture as the preferred drink of those who have hit the big time. Young people today covet expensive brand names like "Moet" as symbols of success thanks to popular MTV driven music videos.

While many millions of people regularly drink Champagne, nearly 30% of drinkers also report occasional headaches both during and after they partake. It's well known that grain- and fruit-based alcohols contain certain organic compounds that can dilate blood vessels and trigger headaches, but champagne appears to be an above average trigger for many people. While darker alcoholic beverages tend to produce more headaches due to large concentrates on natural Histamines, white wines and Champagne contain Sulfites which are also known to trigger headaches. Nonetheless, people are always looking for ways to circumvent alcohol headaches while still being able to enjoy their favorite brew.

Now it appears there may an answer to the "champagne headache," and the secret comes from nature's own hot peppers. The breakthrough is an all natural Homeopathic nasal spray made with (believe it or not), hot pepper extract.

Marketed under the "Sinus Buster" brand name, this hot pepper nasal spray is widely regarded as an incredible headache remedy. Not only can Sinus Buster stop most headaches in less than 2 minutes, but it can also prevent the onset of alcohol related headaches when taken before, and during drinking.

SiCap Industries, the company that manufactures Sinus Buster is proud to tout the headache stopping abilities of this unique all natural nasal spray. According to Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries, their hot pepper nasal spray is a true medical breakthrough for headaches.

"We get hundreds of emails every week from people praising Sinus Buster for stopping their headaches. Not just regular sinus headaches and migraines, but alcohol headaches too. We have several thousand customers who say they couldn't drink their favorite wines without getting a headache of some kind, but with Sinus Buster they can enjoy their favorite drinks again. Our formula not only stops the headaches, but it also prevents the allergy triggers in the first place, and it's allergies that cause alcohol headaches," says Perry.

According to several clinical studies, Capsaicin (the active heat component of hot peppers), has been found to alleviate painful headaches in minutes with no side effects except for a momentary burning sensation.

Yet until Sinus Buster came along, no other commercial Capsaicin nasal sprays were available in drug stores. Today, Sinus Buster is available in more than 3,000 stores throughout North America, and the brand is quickly becoming a household name.

According to SiCap's president, their hot pepper nasal spray is a sure fire way to avoid champagne headaches this New Year's Eve, or on any occasion when the bubbly has just got to keep flowing.

"When midnight comes this Sunday, toast 2007 with lots of bubbly and a little Sinus Buster."


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