Leading Online Insurance Service Says New Years Resolutions Bring Cash Saving Opportunities

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InsureMe examines the rewards of popular New Year's resolutions.

With the new year fast approaching, InsureMe, a leading online insurance shopping service, is examining top New Year's resolutions and offering tips to ensure New Year's resolution bliss.

Losing Weight

Undoubtedly, the most common American resolution comes in the form of losing weight and taking better care of oneself. And for good reason--losing weight can garner some serious health and financial benefits.

According to the American Center for Cancer (ACC) research, higher levels of fatty acids in the body can increase resistance to insulin (which helps regulate the body's metabolism.) Insulin resistance has been linked to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. In fact, a recent ACC study determined that in a few years, obesity will replace smoking as the number one preventable cause of most cancers.

Exercise, combined with lowering fat intake (while increasing your servings of fruits and veggies) will help you lose weight and lower your chances of developing a life-threatening illness. And when you do that, you're likely to see a drop in your individual health insurance rates, too. That's because more insurers are using body mass index (a measure of body fat based on height and weight) to determine premiums. Shedding the pounds while fattening the wallet--it's a beautiful thing.

Kicking Tobacco

Like a few extra pounds, smoking can greatly increase your risk for cancer and other conditions like heart disease, stroke, and emphysema. But you already knew that. Instead, let's look at how much money you can save by giving up the habit.

According to a recent MSN Money article, the average pack of cigarettes costs five dollars. At that rate, a pack each day would add up to $1,825 per year, which is near the amount needed for annual tuition at a community college. Combine those savings with the extra 10 to 15 percent discount offered to non-smokers by health and home insurance companies and you're looking at a sizeable annual savings!

Drinking Less

While everything in moderation is a popular mantra for many Americans, easing up on the sauce remains a popular New Year's resolution. And while parties, an influx of holiday guests and other stressors can lead to an increase in alcohol intake, it can also drain your bank account. If you consider that the average call drink is $6, two drinks per day would run you over $4,000 per year! Try cutting down on the amount of holiday cheer you consume to increase your funds--and decrease the number of stories that cause you to say things like, "Really? I could have sworn I peeled that banana before eating it."

Finding a Better Job

Between mediocre-paying jobs, layoffs, and low-life employers, many Americans resolve to find a better, more fulfilling job in the New Year. And while finding a new job may not always mean a bigger paycheck, lowering stress and increasing your general joie de vivre can help improve your health and relationships--making it easier to give up vices like junk food, alcohol and tobacco.

Luckily, InsureMe.com, recipient of multiple Best Places to Work awards in 2006, is always looking for the right people to join the team. And, located just outside of beautiful Denver, Colorado, new residents will love having nature's playground at their doorstep. For a list of current positions, visit the InsureMe jobs page. [http://www.insureme.com/content/about-us/jobs-insureme/

Everyone hopes for a happy and safe New Year. Pocketing a little extra cash is just the icing on the cake.

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