New Year's Resolutions Website Focuses on Creating the World's Largest Collection of Resolutions and Goals for 2007

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New Year's Resolutions will never be the same again, beginning in 2007. That's when wealthy philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, and success coach Gary Ryan Blair will empower no less than the world's largest change initiative with a new website designed to create a better world, one person at a time. Over 690,000 people have already posted their resolutions online, and downloaded a free step-by-step resolution roadmap, which will help them to have the best year of their life.

New Year's resolutions are hitting the Internet in 2007 with, the effort of Florida philanthropist, entrepreneur, success coach and best-selling author Gary Ryan Blair to create a fundamental change in the way people go about setting their New Year Resolutions.

According to Gary Ryan Blair, the inspiration behind, "all change begins with one commitment, one promise, or one resolution to create a better life. was founded on the premise that a single resolution can positively and profoundly create lasting change in your life and help to make the world a better place. My approach is to combine tough love, accountability, and solid execution into the resolution process. I am confident that by following my resolution roadmap that people will lose weight, get fit, pay off their debt and achieve any desirable goal."

The goal of the site is to help create a better world, one resolution at a time. They intend to collect 10 million resolutions from people all over the world, post them online, and give everyone a certificate, which includes their resolution number.

In addition, everyone who posts their resolution will receive a free New Year's Resolutions - Fast Start Kit which includes free goal setting forms. a personal resolution contract, two MP3 presentations titled The Accountability Factor and How to Make New Years Resolutions That Work. They will also receive a step-by-step Resolution Roadmap, which when followed, leads to their personal revolution.

Says Blair, "The problem does not lie in the resolution, it's with the commitment. Commitments present themselves in delineations of black and white. You either honor your commitments or you don't. Successful resolutions are the result of making and keeping commitments to yourself and others, while all failed resolutions are the direct result of broken commitments. It's that simple, that profound, and that important. My genuine interest is to positively impact the lives of 10 million people worldwide and I expect nothing in return. My fulfillment will come from hearing about their success."

The moment you arrive to the site, you are presented with four items, a countdown clock to 2007, a count up list of the numbers of resolutions posted, the ten most recent resolutions along with one simple question, "What Is Your New Year's Resolution?"

After submitting your resolution, you are immediately directed to a page, which shows your resolution along with the number of your posting. A certificate is then provided along with a brief survey, which allows us to perform the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of information on resolution and goal directed behavior.

As part of your participation in this survey, you will receive a collection of world-class resources, called the New Year's Resolutions -- Fast Start Kit which will help you to have the best year of your life.

At, they believe that massive, positive worldwide change is possible as long as everyone involved becomes passionately committed to achieving their goals. They are inspired by the power of one resolution multiplied by 10 million and are committed to making the world a better place, one resolution at a time.

For more information, to submit your New Year's Resolution and join in the fun, visit 10 Million Resolutions.

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