Author Bill Stoneking Gains International Recognition with His Book 'The Diary of a Patient Man, a Father's Struggle'

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Children's rights, father's rights and domestic violence against fathers are constantly ignored by the judicial branch of our constitutional democracy, said author Bill Stoneking when releasing "The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Struggle" in October 2006, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Stoneking's work and the true story of his nightmarish experience in the family court system shows the inhumane treatment that father's and children frequently receive and the need to aggressively discipline judges for abusing their bench and for supporting what he calls "domestic terrorism" against American families.

With a "true war on terrorism" happening inside the American family court system, Bill Stoneking brings readers this compelling true story "The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Struggle" (LuLu Press, Oct. 26, 2006, ISBN: 978-1-4303-0198-1) in an effort to raise public awareness to what he says is the obvious conduct of (female) abusers in family court and how judges who ignore and facilitate this unacceptable behavior need to be held accountable and firmly disciplined.

"A rose by any other name is still a rose," Stoneking said. "Criminal actions committed in the context of divorce and child custody are still Criminal Actions. Domestic violence is an unpunished criminal offense that occurs all too often in family court, particularly when a woman engages in it. These criminal actions need to be prosecuted firmly and cannot be ignored any further."

"Winning the war on terror for families will only start to happen when judges in family courts truly apply the 'rule of law.,'" Stoneking said. "The international war on terror will only be won when judges in other countries apply the rule of law and stop ignoring female violence in other nations. Unless a judge fears prosecution for supporting domestic terrorism, they'll continue supporting domestic terror." Stoneking also said that "Prosecutors and law enforcement officers who refuse to affect arrests and prosecutions for criminal violations of child custody and visitation orders require severe accountability measures to ensure they do their jobs in combating domestic violence or face being held accountable for what is seen by the public as a dereliction of duty."

Getting the Word Out Down Under:

In his first interview since the release of "The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Struggle," Stoneking will be hitting the airwaves, speaking live on the air from Sydney Australia with "Dads on the Air" on 2GLF 89.3FM, January 2nd, 2007 at 11:00am (Sydney Australia Time). Stoneking will discuss his book and talk about fellow father and author Kevin Thompson's efforts in Massachusetts.

The show can be heard live, in the United States at 6pm CST (7pm EST) on New Years Day, January 1st, 2007 on streaming audio at

Father's Working Together:

In a phone call to Bill Stoneking from Kevin Thompson on December 27th, 2006, both father's shared their stories and concur that the reckless conduct of the judges in family court is an identifiable root cause to the problem of domestic violence against fathers and their children. They also agreed that reckless judicial conduct is not only a catalyst for violence but an action that leads to the natural path for the escalation of domestic violence. This type of conduct is discussed in both Stoneking's and Thompson's books.

Father's Books:

You can buy Bill Stoneking's book, The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Stuggle by Clicking Here

You can buy Kevin Thompson's Book, Exposing The Corruption In The Massachusetts Family Courts (LuLu Press, Feb. 2006) by Clicking Here

About the Author(s):

Bill Stoneking is a professional Information Technology Consultant, former U.S. Marine and former public office holder as a legislative adviser in Illinois.

Kevin Thompson is a high school physics teacher in Massachusetts.

About Dads on the Air:

Dads on the Air is Australia's leading program for fathers. Show your support by Visiting them on the web at

What the Critics are saying about The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Struggle:

A first-rate, world class, hit-the-nail-right-on-the-head, family court masterpiece. Buy this book - Brendan O'Sullivan (Independent Reviewer)

...take a chance on what I consider to be, a very compelling story... - Anthony Schrock (Authorhouse Publishing)

...Your story is amazing, and I commend you for sticking by your child and fighting the system. - John Hamel (Family Violence Treatment and Education Association)

Help the international fight for father's and children's rights. Purchase your copies of Stoneking's and Thompson's books at LuLu.Com and help support the fight for what's right.


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