Avoid Costly Electronics Repair Bills With a Simple Troubleshooting Technique Anyone Can Perform

No engineering degree is required to solve many of the problems that commonly cause failures in today's electronic gadgets.

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2006

The next time the computer crashes or the VCR flashes 12:00 A.M., don't reach for the phone to call a service technician, reach for the plug instead. In his article "Troubleshooting Electronics," power supply expert Jerrold Foutz demonstrates how a simple troubleshooting process can correct many common consumer electronics failures. The article is available on Foutz's Power Supply Design Blog at http://www.smpstech.com/mtblog/trouble_shooting_electronics.html.

In "Troubleshooting Electronics," Foutz explains how and why this method succeeds. "It's easy, it works most of the time, and best of all, it's free," said Foutz in a telephone interview. This is one of the useful bits of information found at SMPS Technology ( http://www.smpstech.com ), a website for power supply designers and users.

Foutz, owner of SMPS Technology, delivers plenty of common-sense advice for power supply designers. He publishes the online SMPS Technology Knowledge Base—a comprehensive resource dedicated to switching-mode power supply design. The site offers a wealth of information and detailed discussions of power supply design problems, presented in his unique Problem, Relevance, Solvability, Solution format. The Website author identifies and discusses each problem, applies a relevance test, discusses solvability options, and provides references for finding a solution.

About SMPS Technology

Jerrold Foutz established SMPS Technology ( http://www.smpstech.com ) in 1981. SMPS Technology provides relevant content for power supply designers. The SMPS Technology Website is a collection of articles on switching-mode power supply design problems tied together with a tutorial and augmented with other resources.


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