Homophobic or Hippocratic Oath. Which is Taught at Yeshiva?

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Yeshiva Student Claims Anti-Gay Harassment in Court on March 16; Will Be Joined By Other Students Suing Yeshiva. Yeshiva students have garnered support from many notable New Yorkers including: Former NY City Public Advocate Mark Green, State Senator Tom Duane, Gay Rights Activist Allen Roskoff, Leonard Minsky, Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov and NY State Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn. CONTACT: Gregory Durham at 917-553-7160. Starting March 15, information will be available at http://www.yeshivavictims.org.

On Thursday, March 16, at 9:15 a.m., Jeevan Padiyar, a former MD-PhD candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Yeshiva) will hold a press conference on the steps of NY State Supreme Court at 71 Thomas St in Manhattan.

At 9:30 a.m., in Part 13, 3rd floor, Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam will hear arguments regarding new and damning evidence in Padiyar’s case against AECOM, including an anti-gay memo allegedly written by Dr. James David, Associate Dean for Students at Albert Einstein.

Padiyar will be joined by other AECOM students –Lydia Radin and Marlen Abramova; Leonard Minsky, former Director of Ralph Nader’s National Coalition of Universities for the Public Interest, which provided critical support in AECOM Professor Dr. Heidi Weissman’s high profile case against the college; and gay activists.

Padiyar (PAD-eee-yar), 29, a Howard Hughes fellow, Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi, was recently dismissed from Albert Einstein/Yeshiva. Padiyar’s difficulties there began in 2003 when he was assigned an anti-gay roommate. To resolve the issue, Padiyar was forced to come out as gay to his advisor and Yeshiva officials. Initially, the school’s housing office refused to grant a roommate change, until Padiyar considered serious complaints against the college. Soon, Padiyar became the victim of what he claims was systematic harassment on the part of several previously-friendly academic advisors. He was suspended in May 2004, but continued to draw a salary and live in student housing for a year and a half until he retained counsel and forced Albert Einstein to grant him a hearing.

Padiyar and the other Yeshiva students have garnered support from many notable New Yorkers.

Former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green: Those in the academic world have a special responsibility to be welcoming of students of all backgrounds, including gay students, who have suffered enough discrimination.

NY State Senator Tom Duane: We must never accept bias of any kind in our society, but especially in our institutions of higher learning, who should serve as our beacons of diversity and fairness.

Leonard Minsky, former Director of the National Coalition of Universities for the Public Interest: Yeshiva/AECOM has continued to neglect the welfare of many of its best faculty and students, a neglect—considering its religious and ethical obligations—that the Jewish community, especially its philanthropists, must attend to and redress.

Allen Roskoff, gay rights activist and President, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club: Yeshiva's/AECOM's behavior is an outrage. Discrimination is unacceptable and unlawful and has no place in a civilized society. Yeshiva's behavior must be exposed and they must address the grievances of those whose have been adversely affected. As a university that receives government monies, they must adhere to the law.

Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov, President of VAAD Rabbanim of Queens, speaking in regard to the group of students pursuing cases against AECOM: Discrimination against anyone—Jew or non-Jew—should not be tolerated. Einstein’s behavior is at odds with the memory of everyone who perished during the Holocaust.

NY State Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn: As the Assemblywoman representing Marlen Abramova, I encourage the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University to come to the table and work with Ms. Abramova to resolve the problems she is experiencing. I would hope that the Yeshiva University would do all that it can to ensure that Ms. Abramova's rights are protected, as I would for all students.

Padiyar is represented by Tom Shanahan, Esq. of Shanahan & Associates and Michael Hardy, Esq.

CONTACT: Gregory Durham at 917-553-7160 gdurham@durhamgroupinc.com. Starting March 15, information will be available at http://www.yeshivavictims.org.

Index/Case Number - 110578/05 Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York

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