Dream Arcades Announces Cabaret-style Dreamcade, Complete Home Arcade Comes Ready-to-Play with 165 Classic Games

Dream Arcades' Cabaret-style Dreamcade is the Ultimate Gift for Dads and Grads. Play Centipede and Missile Command with an authentic arcade-style trackball and Robtron or Street Fighter with an arcade-style joystick and buttons! Each home arcade cabinet comes with 165 games, including classics from Atari, Capcom, Digital Leisure, Namco and Midway. Additionally, each Dreamcade features a Windows-based computer allowing music, movies, and additional games to be played.

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Chicago, IL; Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2006

Dream Arcades (http://www.DreamArcades.com) announces the launch of the Cabaret-style upright Dreamcade. This is the third in a series of complete home arcades and the first upright style. The deluxe version of this Cabaret-style cabinet features an illuminated trackball and function buttons, a powerful Windows-based DreamPC and a collection of more than 100 licensed games, including 65 classic arcade games from Midway, Digital Leisure, Atari, Namco and Capcom. Dreamcade pricing begins at only $1,799. Additional information on the product can be found here: http://dreamarcades.com/cabiocade.shtml

"This is the ultimate gift for any guy! Imagine being able to have an entire arcade's worth of games without dedicating an entire room," says James Hills, VP of Business Development for Dream Arcades. "With the Cabaret-style Dreamcade's two joysticks and trackball, pretty much any classic game can be played the way it was meant to be, from Missile Command to Pac-Man, Street Fighter or even Robotron."

A home arcade is the ultimate gift for any father who wants to share a bit of his youth with his kids, or any grad who wants to relive their childhood while blowing off steam from their first job.

"As a kid, I always dreamed of owning my own arcade games, and a design like the new Dream Arcades cabaret system is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a bit of the arcade home," says Kevin Steele, Publisher of Gameroom Magazine and Retroblast.com. "I've found that having an arcade cabinet has brought my sons and I together in a way I never expected. We laugh, jostle, compete, and most of all have a great time together. The cabinet has become the heart of our gameroom, the center of attention and the place to be each evening."

Michael Ware founded Dream Arcades in 2002 with the vision of bringing the best possible arcade experience to the consumer market. The company is now a leader of this rapidly expanding market. The company continues its mission by maintaining the quality and functionality required to produce low cost, high excitement authentic arcade experience at home.

For further information about Dream Arcades or the home arcade market, please contact: James Hills, jamesh@marketinghelpnet.com, call 630-233-8336 or visit Dream Arcades online at http://www.DreamArcades.com.

About Dream Arcades LLC: http://www.DreamArcades.com

Dream Arcades LLC is the leading manufacturer of home arcades in North America. Since its founding in a Folsom, CA garage in 2002, the company has maintained their goal of providing low cost, high quality video arcades for home use. Dream Arcades believes everyone should be able to play arcade games in the home and they shouldn't be limited to a mouse and keyboard. Home arcades are a great way to have fun. Whether used to recall childhood memories with classics like Joust, Pac-Man or Missile Command or simply enjoy today's hit games with the family, Dream Arcades believes everyone should be able to experience Michael Ware's Dream.

Dream Arcades is a client of marketinghelpnet.com (http://www.marketinghelpnet.com).

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Cabaret-style Dreamcade Cabaret-style Dreamcade

The Cabaret-style Upright Dreamcade features 165 classic games and is the ultimate home arcade!

High Res Image of Cabaret-style Dreamcade High Res Image of Cabaret-style Dreamcade

With Two Joysticks and a Trackball, the Cabaret-style Dreamcade is Perfect for Two Player Arcade Gaming or Solo Sessions of Centipede, Missile Command and More.

Cabaret-style Dreamcade - Side View Cabaret-style Dreamcade - Side View

All Dreamcades feature an upgradable Windows-based DreamPC allowing users to add additional classic and modern games.