Announcing Immediate Release of FusionReactor™ 2.0 – the ColdFusion / J2EE Server Development and Support Dashboard

Intergral announces the immediate release of FusionReactor™ 2.0, the essential add-on to Adobe's ColdFusion MX server for developers, support and system administrators. FusionReactor increases server stability and performance as well as adding powerful tools for monitoring, supporting, debugging and auditing ColdFusion and J2EE based websites and applications.

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Stuttgart, Germany (PRWEB) July 12, 2006 –-

Intergral announces the immediate release of FusionReactor™ 2.0. FusionReactor is the essential add-on to Adobe's ColdFusion MX server as well as all other popular J2EE servers such as JBoss and Tomcat. FusionReactor helps to increase application availability and reduce response times by examining applications, servers and databases and identifying performance problems before they impact critical business processes.    

The new release features the “Enterprise Dashboard,” which provides users with a clear visual depiction of the current “health” of all the servers currently being monitored.    Users are immediately alerted to issues such as low memory, slow running requests and slow SQL queries. As soon as FusionReactor detects potential issues, it can trigger the appropriate “survival strategy” actions in order to maintain server responsiveness. FusionReactor is a must for administrators and hosting companies who need to monitor their systems and recognize and act upon issues before they present critical danger to their runtime environments. It is also an essential tool for developers who want to analyze and troubleshoot programs, identify potential bottlenecks and gather detailed low level information, in order to improve the performance, stability and quality of the applications they write.

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Intergral is dedicated to providing essential development and support extensions to Adobe’s ColdFusion product line. Intergral’s Fusion suite also includes FusionDebug™ - The first ColdFusion MX debugger for use with the Eclipse IDE.