Does the American Idol Winner Need Life Insurance?

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Even if a person is rich and famous, life insurance is a necessity.

The average American needs to have life insurance to protect the loved ones he or she will leave behind. But let’s say you win the lottery, or even better, you win American Idol, will you still need to carry life insurance? Does Taylor Hicks really need life insurance; after all he just won a recording contract, a new Mustang and a lot of money. The answer may surprise you.

There are several types of life insurance. The most popular is Term Life Insurance, which is sold in increments of 10, 15, 20 or more years, hence the name ‘term’ describes the amount of time a person is buying coverage for. Term life insurance is a great fit for families since it is the most affordable type of coverage and can protect a family from the loss of their wage earners during the critical years when the children are dependents living at home, or longer if needed. Now you may know that Taylor Hicks is single, no family yet, no loving wife and children depending on his recording career to keep them afloat. Taking care of family is the most popular reason for buying term life insurance, that may even be your reason for buying life insurance, but Taylor Hick’s reasons are different.

If you win American Idol, the lottery or any other large cash prize, a person might think he or she is exempt from needing insurance, and he or she would be wrong. As the winner of a big contest like American Idol, Taylor Hicks and the four winners preceding him really do need insurance. The music contract they sign with Simon might have some clauses that would require the winners’ estate to pay back money in case of an untimely death, like in the middle of a tour or recording session. Once Mr. Hicks or Mr. Lottery winner spends his money, there might not be enough left over to cover funeral costs, repaying medical or other bills, and of course, even a lottery winner wants to be sure to provide security for their family. Purchasing Term Life Insurance gives that advantage.

Unlike the odds against you winning American Idol or the lottery, the odds of needing to support a family past your lifetime are nearly 100%. So, Taylor Hicks, if you are out there, you probably want to purchase term life insurance to give your loved ones the peace of mind that a term life policy can give you.

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