Rhino Wine Gear Announces Its Financial Support Towards Rhino Conservation Efforts

Rhino Wine Gear to donate a portion of all profits to Save the Rhino International.

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 2, 2006

Rhino Wine Gear (http://www.rhinowinegear.com) a leading on-line company providing quality wine products, wine accessories, and wine totes for wine lovers, announced today that a portion of its future profits will be donated to Save the Rhino International. Save the Rhino International’s mission is to conserve critically endangered rhinoceros species in the wild.

Ken Zipeto, Founder of Rhino Wine Gear, explains, “Many people don’t realize that four out of the five species of Rhinos are defined by the IUCN (World Conservation Union) as “critically endangered” and are considered to be facing “an extremely high risk of extinction” in the wild. Today, fewer than 18,000 Rhinos survive in the wild with some species, such as the Javan and Sumatran Rhino, numbering as few as 60 and 300 animals respectively.”

Save the Rhino International provides financial and in-kind support for Rhino projects and for community-based initiatives in Africa and Asia. The funds that Save the Rhino International raises are used to support projects that address Rhino conservation through a number of measures, ranging from purely Rhino-focused anti-poaching and monitoring work to people-based programs focusing on environmental education, community development and research in key Rhino areas.

Rhino Wine Gear is committed to providing highest quality wine products at great prices. Rhino Wine Gear is also committed to raising money and awareness to conserving its namesake, the Rhino.




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