Microlon Engine Treatment: Making an Impact to Preserve the Environment and Protect Against Global Warming

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Due to the increasing concern for our environment, Gas-Miser has made Microlon®—a patented metal treatment that greatly reduces the friction of an engine’s moving parts—available to the general public in an effort to help combat the problems associated with global warming by reducing exhaust emissions.

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The recent release of Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” has generated much controversy and criticism due to its style. However, few will dispute its educational quality and concern that should be placed on the effects of global warming.

According to Entertainment Weekly “An Inconvenient Truth” has “become the fourth-highest-grossing non-IMAX, non-concert documentary of all time, and may even have a shot at snatching third place from Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine.” This certainly says a lot about the spiking interest of global warming, its effects on our environment, and what the general population can do to control this problem.

As depicted in the movie and backed up by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), rising global temperatures are expected to drastically alter our environment including rising sea levels, changing precipitation levels, as well as altering forests, crops/vegetation, and water supplies. These changes will all take a toll on the health of humans, animals/livestock, water supply, and our eco-system.

Unfortunately, evidence points to a significant amount of global warming over the past 50 years being caused by human activities; thus, increasing emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These harmful chemicals are released through simple activities such as: burning of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) or wood/wood products; producing and transporting coal, natural gas, and oil; decomposing and combustion of organic wastes in municipal solid waste landfills; raising livestock; and agricultural and industrial activities.

Due to the increasing concern for our environment, Gas-Miser has made Microlon®—a patented metal treatment that greatly reduces the friction of an engine’s moving parts—available to the general public in an effort to help combat the problems associated with global warming by reducing exhaust emissions.

EPA Standard Test 511 shows that treating a vehicle’s engine with Microlon®:

  •     Reduces Hydrocarbons by 24.9%,
  •     Reduces Carbon Monoxide by 43.8%,
  •     Reduces Nitrous Oxide by 21.4%
  •     The study findings also showed "an increase in fuel economy," but that wasn't the purpose of the tests.

Microlon's® unique metal treatment technology was developed by aircraft experts to help increase aircraft engine performance. In 1978, Microlon was approved by the FAA for use in aircraft engines because it helped aircraft fly much farther on the same amount of fuel. To this day, Microlon engine treatment is used by professionals who need high-performance from their engines, and by people who desire improved fuel economy.

By reducing emissions from vehicles through the use of Microlon engine treatment, a significant impact can be made on our environment and global warming. Microlon is a single use metal engine treatment that lasts the life of the engine/vehicle and reduces emissions because it cuts down friction. Since the friction is reduced, fuel is burned more efficiently. Without the use of Microlon, a significant amount of the fuel ends-up as exhaust emission -- a wasted by-product -- that means the energy and fuel is wasted!

This is a serious problem for everyone. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that motor vehicles emit millions of tons of pollutants into the air each year, and that driving a vehicle is the most polluting activity. Due to the pollution that vehicles emit, an estimated 1,500 cases of cancer is caused per year. In addition, the auto emissions contribute to various other environmental problems.

Because of the severity of pollutants, additional states are requiring emissions testing in an effort to help control the pollutants that vehicles emit into the environment. For owners of older vehicles, passing emissions testing can be difficult and at times it may feel like an impossible endeavor.

Microlon auto engine treatment helps keep vehicles in good running condition by eliminating the friction that is caused when metals rub together. In addition, Microlon engine treatment will reduce oil consumption if the problem is caused by sticking rings from deposits of carbon and varnish which have formed on the rings or ring grooves. These deposits slow down or stop normal ring action allowing oil leaks into the cylinder head.

The cleansing component in Microlon's formula removes these deposits and leaves behind the Microlon film which helps the engine run smoothly and efficiently. As a result, oil consumption is reduced and the engine's condition and performance is improved.

An added benefit of the liquid Microlon engine treatment is longer engine life. The benefits of this one-time use patented formula are far reaching. Race car drivers depend on the quality of their vehicle’s engine. The Progress Team speaks of the quality of Microlon, and reinforces that it doesn’t harm a vehicles engine with the statement, "Five to seven miles of full throttle at Bonneville Salt Flats destroys dozens of engines per year. Survival is very difficult. We race with no back-up engines. We survive. We break records. We thank Microlon."

By using Microlon, a high-quality oil treatment product, exercising sensible driving habits, and maintaining proper condition of the vehicle will help save money on fuel, avoid unnecessary vehicle repairs, and aid in environmental conservation practices.

Caring for our environment is continuing to gain interest. Although many people do not understand all of the implications of global warming, it is imperative to find ways that we can help preserve our air quality and environment. Cutting emissions and using less fossil fuel are simple ways that one can make a difference.

Gas-Miser offers Microlon metal engine treatment for gasoline and diesel engines. This unique line of products reduces friction, increases horsepower and fuel economy, and improves the environment and aids in conservation efforts by reducing emissions. To purchase Microlon at less than factory direct prices with free shipping and a three-year money-back guarantee, please visit http://www.gas-miser.com.


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