Keep New Year's Resolutions

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Turn New Year's Resolutions into results with the following tips from fitness expert David Berger, founder of the Number One Me personal coaching system.

Turn those New Year's promises into action and results says says Fitness Expert and Performance Coach David Berger, who developed the Number One Me™ personal coaching fitness DVD ( David has helped hundreds of people exceed their fitness goals and this year, by following the ideas found in the Number One Me program, you too can achieve your New Year's Fitness Resolutions.

  • Get out of your chair right now. Get up. Do something for yourself at this very moment. Stretch out, take a walk, do some easy calisthenics. Taking the road to the Number One Me™ ( always starts with one step.
  • Throw out your scale. Focus on performance, health and well-being goals--not a number on the scale. Focus each day on performing your exercises (calisthenics, walking, jogging, etc.) and on what this performance is leading to (feeling better, fitting in to clothing, buying smaller clothes) and not a variable number on the scale.
  • Eat less, more often. Eat smaller meals throughout the day and set other nutritional goals, such as eating more fiber and lower fat foods. Achieve one of your goals each week.
  • Believe you can do this. Write down what you are thinking right now about the challenges you will face in achieving your fitness goals. Are you already making excuses? By becoming aware of negative thoughts, you can change them into positive ideas.
  • Keep it real. Movie stars, models and pro athletes are not the NORM. The average American woman is 5'4" tall, and weights 152 pounds; the average man is 5'9" and weights 180 pounds. Set realistic goals and strive to reach your own personal best.
  • Know what you want. Discover what you really want and need to do to achieve your better health results. Ask yourself the following questions: What are you doing now in terns of your health and well-being and what do you want to do? Make a plan to reach your goals. What is the first step you must take? What are the obstacles? How will you overcome the obstacles? Write these down in a personal action plan.
  • Dump the chips. It is too difficult to make progress if you keep putting up self imposed barriers. Removing all junky snack foods (sweets, cookies, chips, etc.) from the house is one of the easiest ways for you to stay on track.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Create an exercise and nutrition calendar. Track exactly what you do and eat each day. Where you are today matters little; what matters the most is the direction you are now moving. This will also help to build your personal integrity (a key value in any successful endeavor).
  • Always move forward. Establish a progression of exercises. Never do the same exercise all of the time. The same warm-up, the same exercises with the same resistance, for the same repetitions, for the same amount of time will lead to boredom and no progress! Consistent efforts lead to consistent results.
  • Take pride in every achievement. As you move forward, take time to reward yourself for achieving goals and reaching even small milestones (progress is made each day). Set specific rewards, such as going out to a movie, but never reward yourself by stepping away from your exercise or nutrition routine.

This year, put aside the excuses--achieve your New Year's Fitness Resolutions and become the Number One Me!

About David Berger -At the age of 18, weighing over 250-pounds with a 40-inch waist and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, David Berger struggled to climb a single flight of stairs. David's journey to better health began when he quit smoking. He also decided that he would immediately begin eating healthier and exercising, climbing a single flight of stairs a day and adding another flight each week. He also started performing calisthenic exercises. Through his commitment to his consistent and progressive approach, he lost over 88-pounds and 6-inches from his waist within one year. David went on to earn a degree in Kinesiology from West Chester University and launch Progressive Fitness Coaching and now the Number One Me! personal coaching DVD. David is featured monthly on the Consumer Hotline with Joe Thomas on WDEL-1150AM.

About NumberOneMe™ - Increase your core, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility... be fit for life! David Berger's number one me - Personal Coaching for Personal Best! Learn to effectively use the single greatest piece of exercise equipment ever created... your body! Over 45-calisthenics exercises instructed for you in three levels of progression; beginner-intermediate-advanced. Exercise at your convenience and in the comfort of your home with peak performance coach David Berger. No more excuses. Video samples of the DVD are available at


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