Former Communists Shout for Motivation

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The American Marketing Institute, or has recently launched its services in a 2007 seminar course load for companies and managers.

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The American Marketing Institute, or has recently launched its services in a 2007 seminar course load for companies and managers.

Under former Soviet rule, little less than a subtle threat was ever needed to motivate Slovak workers, for fear of being shunned, placed on a watch list, or even worse imprisoned if their expected jobs were not up to standard.

15 years on, the blossoming Slovak Republic, independent of its former masters are a glowing example of economic reform in Central Europe as a full member of the European Union.

That being said, many gaps within the business countries environment have been bridged to meet the shortfalls of employee and management motivation and personal drive.

Consumer spending seems linked to the typical showcase items of a new cell phone or a new car, while little is being spent on personal development or educational re-training of the job force to create long term personal job satisfaction and innovation. The government has recently echoed a sharp increase in university fees for students in a country where few students have the opportunity to earn as they learn and retain disposable income to live.

Being a new customer is not easy either these days.

“It’s very typical to have to chase a company in Slovakia these days to even become their customer, and only call to them will seldom lead to a friendly welcome or an automatic follow up” says one disenchanted Slovak worker who has returned home after 5 years in the UK.

“It could take another generation of a workforce to transform our country into a customer service, customer friendly aware business community, because here is just the old attitude problem” he added.

One possible breakthrough and solution to ‘re-train’ mediocre attitudes may be in some of the newly created company training centers opening in Slovakia. Some of them teach up to date techniques in customer service, marketing, sales training and goal setting and business English to companies and managers in seminars and private courses.

One such training centre, The American Marketing Institute, or has recently launched its services in a 2007 seminar course load for companies and managers. Based in that nations capital city, Bratislava, and in its second financial district in the eastern part of the country, Kosice the American-Institute’s hosts its attendees as well as caters direct to companies, often training them on their own premises. Seminar attendees have experienced shouting their goals in an emotionally guided training seminar.

“So many things in the past were simply not possible to have or achieve in Slovakia, that many people were raised on the mantra “impossible” for understandable reasons, we at the Institute reform that in the transformation of shouting “I’m Possible” putting the emphasis on personal attitude.”

Founder Michael J. Tolan aims to deliver to managers and companies the empowerment and motivation to create and achieve new goals through re-training them how to think about their customer base and their perceptions of B2C interactions. Staff training to all business sectors are all tailor made to meet that particular business meet its goals.

An Entrepreneur for the past 20 years, Tolan believes that he and his faculty will change the way that managers think first through helping them identify their beliefs and limitations, and then build empowering strategies within the individual to conquer their newly formed goals.

The American Marketing Institute also sponsors a scholarship program for students who are high achievers as well as in need of financial aid to complete some levels of course work.

“We are very optimistic about the willingness of the Slovak business community to model other western businesses and give them more unique tools to surpass their expectations” Tolan added.

“Once people have the mental tools to work with, they shine in every field, especially in Slovakia where personal pride was the only ownership people were allowed to have 20 years before” “We look forward to being a part of this reformation of attitudinal reshaping process, it’s very exciting and we are very well received. Real estate is now booming, so we feel a renaissance in personal development has a clear future.”

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