Yatam.com Launches; Allows Friends, Family to Keep Tabs on One Another and to Coordinate Destinations, Gatherings

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http://www.yatam.com is an online itinerary for people who wish to inform their friends, family and/or the rest of the world about where they are going to be and when. It is useful in organizing such activities as backpack excursions, sports outings and parties.

A common example and one of the initial triggers of creating Yatam was to remove the headache brought upon my buddy whenever we planned to go and play basketball

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An innovative, yet simple concept in the form of an online itinerary and day reminder that friends and family can share amongst one another has been launched at http://www.yatam.com.

If someone, for instance, wants to go out to a night club at 10 p.m. they can update their account so others are aware of where they are going and at what time. The Web site also informs other people of gym appointments or other destinations such as baseball games or swimming pool excursions. By using Yatam.com friends and family can check each other's itinerary, learn who is going to be where and when, then decide whether or not they wish to join.

One of Yatam's main objectives is to ease group activities. Yatam is the perfect platform to organize any group related activity, such as: where does the group wants to go, who brings what, and when does the group like to meet.

"A common example and one of the initial triggers of creating Yatam was to remove the headache brought upon my buddy whenever we planned to go and play basketball," said Keynan Goichman, founder of Yatam.com. "He was the one in charged of making all the phone calls, coordinating between dozen of people about the place and preferred time (to the satisfactory of all the rest). Who is going to bring the ball, who would bring the water and who needed a lift? With Yatam, a lot of this inconvenience disappeared. All he would have to do is to login his account, and update his profile regarding the location and the time of the game, and that’s it. Anyone who would like to get the game details would just have to check out his profile."

Another great use of Yatam is for backpackers. Millions of people travel each year, all over the globe. Yatam is the perfect solution for keeping in touch with family and relatives. While a loved one is enjoying their backpacking experience friends and family would be able to see where he or she is, and where he or she is heading next. Parents would be able to be involved with their child's trip in a way that was never possible before, and they would know their child's exact location in every part of the journey.

About http://www.yatam.com
Keynan Goichman the founder of Yatam, is 30 years old, has a BSc in computer science, and has been working as a web publisher for the past 2 years. He and his buddies used to play a lot of basketball during their university years. When it came to organizing games only one of them usually took the part of being in charge. Since then Goichman began to think how he could help. What he could do in order to save the organizer dozens of phone calls he had to make, and to ease the organization and coordinating of the game. The Web seemed like the best solution for that. It took him about a month of working about 16 hours a day until he was finally satisfied with the current result. The Web site was launched Dec. 18, 2006, and he has since been getting great feedback. He hopes Yatam will achieve its goal in helping organizing group activities and sharing locations with others.


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