Fitness Expert Reveals "Big Lie" That Pulls People Further Away From Their Fitness Goal

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Shows first hand how one can stop it this New Year.

After 20 years as a fitness coach, Jerry Hill has seen too many people start and restart the same fitness program without ever changing their overall approach.

"Everyone wants to be fit, in fact people think about it often, yet our Nation's weight loss problem continues to be front page news," says Hill, a former Marine who is now a fitness coach. "The worse of it is that every New Year millions of Americans lace up their sneaks with the promise to hit their goal but misguided effort has them fall short time and time again." He further explains that there are proven answers to the fat-loss puzzle but several fitness deceptions keep people from solving it. The most common myth is that 'cardio' is the best way to burn calories and lose weight. Hill states; "Long slow cardio doesn't elicit enough of a metabolic response to warrant its use in a fat loss program. Too many people make aerobic training the focus of their fat-loss program when modern studies and real-world results prove there is a more effective and efficient way." In order to update your fitness program and get it on track Hill recommends the following:

  • Focus on exercise intensity.
  • Activate as many muscles as possible by concentrating on power based movement.
  • Include short intense circuits of 2-3 exercises performed with little to no rest.

How does this translate?

  • Less treadmill walks - More high intensity intervals
  • Less sitting on machines - More exercises performed while standing.
  • Less of one exercise for 3 sets - More short circuits performed non-stop.

How would a sample circuit look?

  • Walking Lunge x 20 reps
  • Push Press with Dumbbells x 20 reps
  • Slamball x 20 reps
  • Sprint ¼ mile

*Repeat for 3 rounds, keeping track of total time*

*See attached doc for exercise pictures and description*

Ultimately, it is the fitness professionals' responsibility to teach new fat-loss principles, after all, weight loss is the number one reason for hiring a personal trainer. This January, Hill is moving his unique fitness business, FitForce Camp from Philadelphia, PA to the DC Metro area.

You can discover more about FitForce Camp, Hill's fresh approach to fitness and his upcoming move to Alexandria, VA by subscribing to his newsletter on his website;


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